The Realms of Poetry– Perceiving from the Lens of Anish Kanjilal

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The essence of poetry, if embraced and soaked in, aids to empathize with each other – creating a solicitous relationship. The art of poetry aims to evoke emotions, propelling to formulate communication both within the brain and among people. It is a bridge, or in other words, a path that helps to become a better person to contribute towards the change and acknowledge the realms of reality. Nonetheless, creating a world that is less about stabbing each other and more about rebuilding a harmonious society.

Poetry, in today’s world, may have lost its essence relative to the popularity witnessed in the past. However, the inspiring personality of Anish Kanjilal has powered the evolution of poetry in recent times. 

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Kanjilal has a heart and soul like us full of emotions – he laughs in pain, and weeps in anger yet fulfills his routine responsibilities to get going. His beliefs are framed around the notion of ‘constantly’ committing good to negate the evil deed, which is portrayed through his composed poetry.

Every poem of his demonstrates strong emotions, yet the situations and tones are varied. His poetry is written in the peripherals of peace, yet conveys the authenticity that speaks of breaking the invisible prison in the human mind by accepting the concept of achieving freedom with no boundaries and endless ends.

“Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.”

  • Carl Sandburg

In 2015, he penned his first book titled Fateless 13 (partridge publishing house), an accumulation of thirteen poems that demonstrate every aspect of life, beginning from birth to death. The journey of life is like a roller coaster, with many ups and downs. Each phase portrays varying experiences – some depicting sorrows of loss while some joys of achievements. With a satirical tone, through the poem, he describes the shameful events that happened in the past while glorifying the happiness of belonging to the universe.

After more than seven years, in 2023, he authored the book 11 Oracles, published by White Falcon Publishing which comprises a five-part series of poems. The poem intends to awaken the hope in a human being to view reality and truth concealed with ignorance. The content of the book reveals that long before we were created, the perennial universe witnessed the destruction and chaos to conceive the resurrection. As he states,

“Our past won’t walk to our graves but stay back like a milestone once cherished and the future will whisper who had been here to break the silence.”

In April 2023, he organized the book launch event at the press club in Kolkata which was followed by a reading session, and a book signing session, in addition to a special interactive session by a film, director, and writer, Kamaleswar Mukherjee. The event was an opportunity for many as the guests could have a meet-and-greet session with other authors and industry professionals.

In addition, he is a director and senior lecturer at Educare The Institute (E.T.I) Kolkata, one of the prestigious academic institute that has guided over 15000 students for I.C.S.E., I.S.C., C.B.S.E., Madhyamik, higher secondary, and graduation

Born and raised in the cultural capital of India, Kolkata formerly known as Calcutta. From 1984 to 1994, he pursued his early education at St. Mary’s School. Since his early teens, he was involved in extra-curricular activities including quizzes, oratory, music, debates, creative writing, art, painting, drama, and many more.

Later in 1998, he earned his college degree  from Vidyasagar College and pursued his higher education at The Indira Gandhi National University. In 2009, he received recognition for contributions  in literature and education sector from Rajasthan Patrika .

Philosophers and poets possess the power to beautifully yet conceptually explain the various stages of life experienced by a human being by pouring their emotions into a poem. Similarly, Kanjilal through his poetry penetrates the deepest part of the heart and soul while scrutinizing the veiled emotions.

Awards and Recognitions

* ”Rajasthan Patrika Literary Award” (2009): Recognized for contributions to literature and education.

* ”Best Poet of the Year Award” (2024, Kolkata Literary Carnival, organized by Ukiyoto): Honored for outstanding poetry.

*Featured in  cafe poésie 2024: Alliance Française du Bengale ( la Francophonie)

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