Vikrant Massey Reveals Audition Challenges and ‘Failed Actors’ Dreams!

Early Struggles in Bollywood: Vikrant Massey's Audition Experiences

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Vikrant Massey Reveals Audition Challenges and ‘Failed Actors’ Dreams!

31 October 2023, Mumbai: Actor Vikrant Massey, reflecting on his early days as a struggling actor, opened up about the challenges he faced during auditions, even after delivering acclaimed performances in films like “Lootera” and “A Death in the Gunj.” He highlighted a significant issue in the audition process, specifically the involvement of casting assistants who often had their own aspirations in the industry.

Casting Assistants with Aspirations

Vikrant revealed that the most frustrating aspect of auditions was that they were often overseen by individuals with their own acting aspirations or those who had experienced setbacks in their own acting careers. He noted that many casting directors were either failed actors who carried a sense of bitterness or their assistants were aspiring actors themselves. This dynamic added complexity to the auditioning process.

Seeking Directors’ Presence

As a means to address the challenges posed by casting assistants with their own career ambitions, Vikrant started requesting the presence of directors during his auditions. He felt that these assistants, while guiding the audition process, might not interpret the director’s vision accurately. Vikrant expressed a level of skepticism about the alignment between the casting assistants’ guidance and the director’s actual expectations.

Striving for Authentic Auditions

In a bid to ensure authentic auditions and a truer representation of his performance, Vikrant Massey, later in his career, began insisting on having the director present during auditions. He emphasized his desire to receive direction directly from the director, as he believed that casting assistants often had personal aspirations tied to the roles for which he was auditioning.

Vikrant Massey’s Career Journey

Vikrant Massey’s journey in the entertainment industry began with television before he made his film acting debut with Vikramaditya Motwane’s “Lootera” in 2014. Despite playing pivotal roles in movies such as “Haseen Dillruba,” “Ginny Weds Sunny,” “Love Hostel,” “Forensic,” and “Cargo,” it took him nearly a decade to secure his first solo lead role in the film “12th Fail,” directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. This film received positive reviews and is outperforming more high-profile releases at the box office. Vikrant’s career trajectory reflects his dedication to his craft and his willingness to navigate the challenges of the auditioning process in Bollywood.

By Yashika Desai

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