Vivek Agnihotri on Middle-Class Values and Lessons from Children

Vivek Agnihotri shed light on The Life Lessons of Parenthood

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Vivek Agnihotri on Middle-Class Values and Lessons from Children
  • Middle-class dreams often soar beyond borders
  • Children as parents' greatest teacher
  • The young Indian diaspora

12th September 2023, Mumbai: Vivek Agnihotri recently shared some insightful thoughts about the middle-class mentality, upbringing of children, and the experience of the Indian diaspora abroad.

The Middle-Class Mindset

Agnihotri commented, “We educate our children and send them to America. Perhaps, the middle-class mindset hasn’t left me yet.” Here, Agnihotri touches upon the aspirations of many middle-class Indian families who aim for their children to study and settle in the US or other foreign lands.

Learning from Children

He further adds, “Once you have your own children, they teach you all the wisdom of the world.” Through this, Agnihotri emphasizes the transformative experience of parenthood and how children often end up teaching their parents valuable life lessons.

Reflecting on the Growing Diaspora

Agnihotri then ponders, “I question about the children growing up, mine and others, especially those in the foreign countries, our diaspora.” Here, he reflects on the challenges and experiences of the young Indian diaspora, emphasizing the need to understand their perspectives and struggles as they navigate between cultures.

Through his words, Vivek Agnihotri gives a candid look into the sentiments of many Indians, striking a balance between traditional middle-class values and the modern-day aspirations and challenges faced by the Indian diaspora. It’s a reflection on how cultures and generations evolve yet remain interconnected.

-by Jeet Pasad

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