Yaariyaan 2 Controversy: Actor Meezaan Jafri & Directors To Get Arrested?

Controversy Surrounds "Yaariyan 2" Over Religious Symbol Misuse

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Yaariyaan 2 Controversy
  • Meezaan Jafri's portrayal with a kirpan sparks outrage among the Sikh community.
  • SGPC files an FIR against the filmmakers and Meezaan Jafri for hurting religious sentiments.
  • Reports suggest imminent arrests as police arrive in Mumbai in response to the controversy.

6th September 2023, Mumbai: Divya Khosla Kumar’s upcoming movie, “Yaariyan 2”, has become the center of a significant controversy. The issue arose after the release of the film’s song titled “Saure Ghar”, in which the lead actor, Meezaan Jafri, is seen wearing what appears to be a kirpan, an essential religious symbol in the Sikh community.

Sikh Community’s Outrage
Upon the song’s release, there was immediate backlash from the Sikh community. The Shithe romani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) was quick to file an FIR against both the filmmakers and Meezaan Jafri, accusing them of hurting the religious sentiments of Sikhs.

Film’s Apology and Clarification
To address the uproar, both the makers of the film and Meezaan Jafri swiftly issued a public apology. They clarified that their intention was not to disrespect or harm any religious sentiments. They also announced that the controversial visuals had been duly removed from the film. However, another twist came when the directors stated that Meezaan Jafri was donning a Khukri, not a Kirpan.

SGPC’s Response
SGPC refuted the filmmakers’ clarification, pointing out that Sikhs can easily distinguish between a ‘kirpan’ and a ‘khukri’, including how they are worn. The SGPC further voiced their dissatisfaction with the filmmakers’ response, stating that the video song, which was still available to the public, was consistently hurting the Sikh community’s sentiments.

Legal Proceedings Begin
Amidst the brewing storm, a complaint was officially filed with the Amritsar Police Commissioner. Current reports indicate that Punjab police have now reached Mumbai, with intentions of arresting the team behind “Yaariyan 2” and Meezaan Jafri.

SGPC’s Tweet and Demand for Action
The SGPC didn’t stop at just legal actions. They took to social media, demanding stern action against those involved in the film’s production, including Radhika Rao, Vinay Sapru, Meezaan Jafri, and Bhushan Kumar. Their tweet emphasized the film’s misrepresentation of the ‘kirpan’ and its usage by non-Sikh individuals, which the SGPC labeled as disrespectful to the Sikh traditions and beliefs.

Appeal for Removal of the Content
Beyond the legal challenges and public criticisms, the SGPC and other concerned members of the Sikh community are pressurizing the filmmakers to remove the contentious song and scenes from both the film and all online platforms, including Youtube, where “Saure Ghar” was initially launched.

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