Shanaya Kapoor Looks Stunning In Gaurav Gupta’s Lehnga

The Gen-Z diva Shanaya Kapoor as of late shared some shocking photographs in a perfect brilliant lehenga set. Her beauty and style are genuinely moving for anybody arranging their exceptional day.

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24th December,2023, Mumbai: Shanaya Kapoor, the beautiful youthful superstar, just distributed some stunning photographs on her Instagram account, leaving us generally dumbfounded with her dazzling design sense. We are very dazzled by her ongoing design pick!

Sanjay Kapoor’s little girl has been killing the design game with her superb lehenga groups, which look shocking as well as emanate extravagance. We can’t resist the urge to see the value in her design sense as she wears her lovely lehenga group easily. So read on to find more about her clothing.

Shanaya Kapoor In A Sparkling Brilliant Lehenga Set

Yet again shanaya Kapoor has accomplished something amazing! She as of late shaken a dazzling lehenga set made by the unparalleled Gaurav Gupta, the style maestro. The lehenga group included a stunning bandeau bustier with a darling neck area decorated with shining trumpet dots, adding a hint of charm.

This mix was a certified champion and was matched with a mid-waisted lehenga, with sparkling embellishments designing every last bit of the lehenga. The dupatta, carefully hung on the neck and, you got it, weaved flawlessly, was the frosting on the cake.

Reveal Into The Subtleties Of Shanaya Kapoor’s Hair, Cosmetics And Extras

Shanaya Kapoor emphasized her brilliant lehenga outfit with some lovely gem brilliant hoops that brightened her ears, adding to her generally staggering look. The hoops matched her entire look perfectly, giving an additional portion of richness and class to her clearly stunning appearance.

Shanaya likewise flaunted her henna energy by covering her hands with an exquisite, moderate example. Her style was finished with the expansion of henna, which offered a bit of excellence and remarkable flare

Shanaya Kapoor’s immaculate magnificence was accomplished through flawlessly etched cheekbones that formed and featured her face. Her eyes were the genuine consideration grabbers. They were made much more beguiling with a definitively applied eyeliner and a smeared kohl stroke. Also, we should not disregard her mascara-covered lashes, which added volume and show.

Her lips were a beautiful pink tone, covered with a gleaming touch. Shraddha Naik, the splendid cosmetics craftsman, merits acclaim for accomplishing such an exquisite appearance. Furthermore, her staggering hair styling was styled by beautician Irshad. The streaming locks were brushed and styled in a free haircut, highlighting a spotless center part and a bit of smooth gel for a cleaned look.

Shanaya Kapoor’s exquisite look could never have been accomplished without Aastha Sharma’s perfect abilities to style. Nupur Agarwal, a great photographic artist, marvelously shot the pictures that had all of us Slobbering.

By- Sapna Meena

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