India’s Diplomatic Triumph: G20 Consensus on Ukraine Conflict

Unveiling the Unprecedented Efforts and Achievements

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India’s Diplomatic Triumph: G20 Consensus on Ukraine Conflict
  • 200+ Hours of Non-Stop Negotiations
  • Historic Consensus on Russia-Ukraine Conflict
  • India’s Rising Geopolitical Influence

11th September 2023,Mumbai: The Herculean Task of Achieving Consensus

Amitabh Kant, India’s G20 Sherpa, recently disclosed the staggering effort that went into crafting a consensus on the G20 declaration during the Leaders’ Summit—a marathon endeavor that spanned over 200 hours of intense negotiations. This article delves into the extraordinary diplomatic feats accomplished by the Indian delegation, focusing particularly on their relentless efforts to address the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and the broader implications for India’s global standing.

Behind-the-Scenes Diplomacy: India’s Strategic Maneuvers

The Indian diplomatic corps left no stone unturned in their quest for consensus. They conducted a remarkable 300 bilateral meetings, engaging with counterparts from various nations, and meticulously circulated 15 drafts related to the contentious Ukraine conflict. These behind-the-scenes efforts highlight India’s commitment to fostering cooperation and understanding on the world stage.

The Geopolitical Tightrope: Navigating Russia-Ukraine Dynamics

Undoubtedly, the most intricate challenge during the G20 negotiations revolved around achieving consensus on the geopolitical aspects, specifically the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The 200 hours of non-stop negotiations were a testament to the complexities involved. The involvement of seasoned diplomats, Eenam Gambhir and K Nagraj Naidu, significantly contributed to the successful resolution of this contentious issue.

A Landmark Achievement: The New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration

India made history on the global stage as G20 leaders unanimously adopted the New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration. This historic moment signifies India’s capacity to forge agreement on over 100 agenda items, including the formidable Russia-Ukraine war. Prime Minister Modi expressed gratitude for the collaborative spirit that led to this consensus, emphasizing the commitment to a more prosperous and harmonious global future.

Embracing Peace in a New Era

Prime Minister Modi’s assertion, echoed in the Bali Declaration, emphasized that the current era should be defined by peace rather than conflict. This commitment to peace was an integral part of the New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration, reinforcing India’s stance on resolving conflicts through dialogue and cooperation.

A Diplomatic Triumph: Rallying Emerging Economies

India’s diplomatic success in securing consensus was greatly facilitated by garnering the support of emerging economies like Brazil, South Africa, and Indonesia. The strategic use of Prime Minister Modi’s name served as a powerful catalyst to drive home the urgency of reaching a consensus. Kant revealed that ultimately, the message was clear: their leader’s directive had to be fulfilled.

India’s Rising Geopolitical Heft

Beyond resolving the Ukraine conflict, the significance of the G20 declaration underscored India’s growing geopolitical influence. G20 nations embraced the priorities outlined by Prime Minister Modi, highlighting India’s evolving role as a pivotal player on the global stage. This diplomatic feat showcased India’s ability to shape international discourse and foster cooperation on crucial issues.

Paving the Way for a Sustainable Future

Amitabh Kant’s role as India’s G20 Sherpa was not limited to geopolitical matters. He also championed an ambitious green development agenda, emphasizing the need to reduce emissions and bolster financial commitments to address climate change. Additionally, India advocated for accelerated progress on sustainable development goals, particularly in the realms of health and education. These initiatives reflect India’s commitment to building a sustainable and equitable future for all.

 India’s Diplomatic Triumph at G20

Amitabh Kant’s revelations regarding the arduous path to consensus at the G20 Summit shed light on the intricate world of diplomatic negotiations. India’s relentless efforts in achieving agreement on contentious issues, particularly the Russia-Ukraine conflict, signify the country’s burgeoning influence on the global stage. As India continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of international relations, its commitment to sustainable development and peace serves as a beacon of hope for a harmonious world.

-by Kashvi Gala

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