Turkey Endorses India’s Bid for UNSC Permanent Seat, Calls for Global Representation

Turkey Calls for a More Inclusive UNSC with India's Permanent Membership

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10 September 2023, Mumbai: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed support for India’s aspiration to secure a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). In a significant diplomatic move, Erdogan emphasized that Turkey would take pride in India becoming a full-fledged UNSC member. He challenged the existing UNSC structure and called for a rotational system that would allow all 195 UN member countries a chance to participate as permanent members.

Turkey Backs India’s UNSC Bid

During a press conference at the conclusion of the 18th G20 Leaders’ Summit, President Erdogan voiced his endorsement of India’s bid for a permanent seat on the UNSC. He stressed the need for a more inclusive approach, asserting that the world transcends the influence of the current five permanent members (US, UK, China, France, and Russia). Erdogan’s statement underscored Turkey’s willingness to see India play a more substantial role on the global diplomatic stage.

Advocating for Rotational UNSC Membership

President Erdogan made a compelling case for a rotational system within the UNSC, suggesting that all 195 UN member nations should have the opportunity to become permanent members through a rotation mechanism. He highlighted that the current UNSC structure, with only five permanent members, cannot effectively represent the diverse voices and interests of the global community. Erdogan’s proposal aims to democratize the UNSC by allowing every nation a chance to participate and contribute to global security and diplomacy.

A Global Voice Beyond the “Big Five”

Erdogan emphasized that the decisions of the five permanent UNSC members should not solely determine global perspectives and actions. He underlined the importance of ensuring that the voice of the entire world is heard and represented in the UNSC. The Turkish President’s vision aligns with the idea that diversity in membership and perspectives would lead to more balanced and inclusive global governance.

Bilateral Meeting with PM Modi

Earlier during the G20 Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a bilateral meeting with President Erdogan. Their discussions primarily focused on enhancing trade relations, bolstering connectivity, and advancing infrastructure projects. Erdogan acknowledged India as Turkey’s top trade partner in South Asia and expressed enthusiasm for strengthening economic and commercial ties between the two nations.

Turkey’s Appreciation for India’s Leadership

President Erdogan extended his gratitude to Prime Minister Modi for India’s gracious hospitality and a successful term of G20 presidency. He recognized India’s leadership in the region and emphasized the untapped potential for both countries to foster greater cooperation and collaboration, particularly in economic endeavors.

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