Winters are over and Spring is on the verge of getting over and season of scorching heat is approaching here are some ways on how to protect your plants.

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Summers bring intense heat, sunshine, longer days and Loo and these all factors can make your plants dry and scorched. Sun baked soil and excessive temperatures reduce the ability of plants to get water from the roots. Hence deficiency of food and water can occur which can destroy your care-taken plants in no time. Hence plants need care and shade for their survival and growth in summers.


Plants can be protected from direct sunlight by covering them with green shade nets. Due to the net sunlight coming directly gets filtered and plants ultimatedly gets right amount of sunlight for their growth and food preparation. However it must be taken care that various plants need different amount of sublight hence needs should be used as per the requirement. Different types of nets:-
Use 50% net for common plants
• For vegetable plants use 50-75% filtration net as it will not scorch the vegetables
• For ornamental or beautification plants use 75% filtration net or keep them inside your home as these plants are mostly indoor plants and keeping them in direct heat will destroy them.


If you are also one of the person that waters your plant kept outside in the morning and then water them next day then you are surely degrading your plants health. Check the moisture level in soil and not the schedule. In summers particularly in the months of April, May and June some plants absorb water quickly while some can stay even for 1-2 days. Check whether your soil is moist or dry. If its dry then water them again. It is usually recommended to water plants early morning and then in evening as most of the water during day time is evaporated due to heat.


Fertilizing your plants is necessary but it must be noted that when fertilizers are added they release heat while getting mized in soil and excess of fertilizers can damage roots so fertilize your plants accordingly and use only natural fertilizers. Similarly heat can make plants more vulnerable to pests and diseases. Regularly check leaves of your plant for any sought of discolouration, wilting or insect activity and use organic methods for addressing problems.


It is very essential to dig soil once a week to ensure proper air circulation among roots of the soil and roots do not get rotted. It also ensures release of heat within the soil which helps plant in better food preparation.


By following these tips and giving extra attention to your plants you can add extra life in them and ensure not only to survive in summer but also beautify your garden in every situation.

Samyak Jain

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