“From Social Activism to Political Leadership: The Inspiring Journey of Prinkal Das in Chhattisgarh”

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18th March, Mumbai: Prinkal Das, a young social worker from Raigarh district, the cultural and artistic hub of Chhattisgarh, has made a name for himself in the field of social service. He started his social life in 2007 and served his community for about five years before founding a social organization called Drishti Sewa Samiti on February 8, 2012. The organization has been actively working on various social issues such as tree plantation, ambulance service, and awareness-raising campaigns.

In 2021, Prinkal Das joined the regional political party Janata Congress Chhattisgarh (JCC) headed by the state’s first Chief Minister Ajit Jogi. He currently holds the position of District Vice President in Raigarh district and is actively working on issues related to public welfare.

Prinkal Das’s leadership has brought about significant changes in the JCC party’s functioning in Raigarh district. The party has been raising the concerns of the people and putting pressure on the district administration and the Chhattisgarh government to address these issues.

Under Prinkal’s leadership, the JCC party has been actively involved in addressing the issue of deforestation in the district. The party has launched a massive tree plantation drive in the area, planting thousands of trees in different parts of the district. The initiative has not only helped in reducing the carbon footprint but has also generated employment opportunities for the locals.

Another major issue that Prinkal and his team have been working on is providing ambulance services in the district. The area lacked proper ambulance services, and people had to travel long distances to get medical aid. Prinkal’s team has addressed this problem by launching ambulance services in the district. This initiative has helped save many lives, especially during medical emergencies.

Prinkal and his team have also been working on creating awareness about various social issues in the district. They have organized several awareness-raising campaigns on various topics such as health, education, and women’s empowerment. The team has been working closely with the locals, conducting workshops and seminars to educate them about these issues.

In conclusion, Prinkal Das has been actively working on various social issues in Raigarh district, Chhattisgarh, and his contributions to society have been significant. He has been able to bring about positive change in the area through his leadership and dedication. His journey from a social worker to a political leader is an inspiration to many, and we hope that he will continue to work for the betterment of society.

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