Vedic Sciences Expert Jyotish Maharishi (Dr. Dev Swaroop Shashtri) Has Remedied Over 2.5 Lakhs Kundlis!

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22nd May 2023, Mumbai : A prominent specialist in Vedic sciences has accurately corrected over 2.5 million Kundlis, changing the lives of many people in the process. In addition to Vastu, Dr. Shastri has over 18 years of experience in Astrology, Numerology, Lo Shu Grid, Ramal, Prashna Jyotish, and traditional Vedic Astrology.

Since 2012, he has successfully trained more than 267 students in his field of specialty and more than 200 people in KarmKand, opening up job chances.

Dr. Shashtri has worked in a variety of industries, including ethanol, mustard oil, iron, and rice plants. He has a vast amount of experience, having completed over 5000 maps and 15 projects. He currently works with well-known organisations including the Hydrise Group of Companies, which sells refined edible oils and FMCG products. Additionally, he has provided Vaastu services to more than 30 worldwide places with the assistance of Anuj Kumar Agarwal.

Devastro Manglam Astrology, an Android app created by Dr. Shastri as a result of his deep understanding of Vedic sciences, offers a platform for people to learn about various Vedic sciences, including Reiki healing, medical astrology, medical numerology, medical Vastu, meditations, past-life regression, Naadi Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Tarot card reading, and Muhurta.

In addition to his expertise, Dr. Shastri is the author of the well-known books “The Vastu Sanskar” and “Jyotish Sanskar,” in which he shares basic and advanced knowledge about the treatments for Vastu dosh and janam patrika dosh, which have an impact on people’s lives.

Dr. Shastri has received the Best Astrologer in 2020 award in honour of his precise forecasts, sincere desire to assist others, and comprehensive knowledge of Vedic sciences. His standing and accomplishments have inspired him to work with well-known Vedic software like Astrosage and guest services like Astrobaba and Guruii to offer counselling services to individuals all around the world.

Dr. Dev Swarup Shastri has gained recognition for his accurate forecasts and sincere desire to support others going through difficult times. His theological expertise has allowed him to offer solutions that have the power to change people’s lives, and his clients have continually commended him for these abilities.

In conclusion, we congratulate Dr. Dev Swarup Shastri for his outstanding work in Vedic studies and declare that he is deserving of the Best Astrologer 2020 title. Visit or phone +91 9219634387 to reach Dr. Dev Swarup Shastri for a consultation or to learn more about Vedic sciences.

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