Gautam Adani Finds ‘Opportunity Amid Qar’, Exporting Drones To Israel

A drone manufacturing company in Hyderabad has sent drones to the Israeli army. Adani Group owns this company and Israel also has a stake in it.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave the mantra of ‘Aapda me Avasar’ during the Covid period and now businessman Gautam Adani has adopted it into reality. He has started a drone export business during the ongoing war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas. The company is exporting drones made in India to Israel in a large quantity.

Israel also has a stake in the company

Hyderabad-based drone manufacturing company— Adani-Elbit Advanced Systems India Limited has till date sent 20 drones to the Israeli army anid the war. Adani Group owns the company, but Israel’s Elbit Systems also has a stake in it. The Adani Group operates extensively in the defence sector and also has its own separate unit Adani Defence.

Hermes 900 drones sent to Israel

Amid the Israel-Gaza war, the Adani Group company has exported Hermes 900 drones to Israel. This drone is also known as ‘Dristhi 10’. These drones can be used for surveillance as well as air strikes.

Last week, Hindustan Times reported that the Adani Group has exported drones to Israel for deployment in Gaza. In February, The Wire also reported that Adani Advanced Systems India Ltd was planning to build a drone similar to the Hermes drone, that the Israeli army is using.

Adani Group has major investments in Israel

Apart from the joint venture between Adani Group and Elbit, Gautam Adani also has a large investment in Israel. Adani Ports and SEZ, the flagship company of the Adani Group, is developing Haifa Port in Israel. The deal was reportedly signed in the presence of Prime Minister of Israel Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu.

We must tell you that the port of Haifa is a major hub for trade between Asia and Europe. It is an integral part of the ‘India-West Asia-Europe Economic Corridor’ that was planned at the G20. The goods going from India will reach European countries through this port.

Israel-Iran war

After Iran’s attack, Israel is also looking for revenge and has said that it will respond at the right time. Yesterday, the five-member war cabinet of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held an emergency meeting. All the leaders supported Israel for its retaliation against the HAMAS, but the panel questioned the timing and the manner of the attack. The United States is also on alert mode regarding this war-crisis. Recently, US President Joe Biden had a conversation on a phone call with Netanyahu and urged him to take steps carefully and strategically in the future.

On the other hand, Israel’s representative in the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, demanded the Security Council to impose strict sanctions on Iran. On the other hand, Iran has also warned America to stay away from this dispute otherwise the consequences will not be right.

President Joe Biden has told the Israeli prime minister he will not offer military support for any retaliation against Iran, a senior US official said. Biden said that he does not want war between the two countries.

-Rahul Dubey

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