“Legislature Has No Right”: US Senator’s Powerful Speech On Abortion Law

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Recently, on the Senate floor in Arizona, a US senator courageously shared her deeply personal experience with abortion, shedding light on the practical implications of abortion restrictions in the state.

Eva Burch Courageous move:

Eva Burch, a 43-year-old first-term Democratic lawmaker and former nurse practitioner in women’s health, disclosed her decision to undergo an abortion due to the non-viability of her pregnancy. This disclosure is not only a testament to her courage but also a poignant reminder of the human stories behind legislative debates on abortion rights.

Eva Burch’s Story:

Eva Burch’s journey to speaking out about her abortion experience is rooted in her struggles with fertility. As she bravely shared with her colleagues and the public, her decision was not made lightly. Having previously experienced a miscarriage, she found herself facing another heartbreaking situation with a non-viable pregnancy. Burch’s openness about her struggles is a reflection of her commitment to highlighting the consequences of Arizona’s abortion laws, which she believes are disconnected from the realities faced by individuals seeking abortion care.

Legislative Context:

Arizona currently enforces a 15-week abortion ban, a restriction that significantly limits access to reproductive healthcare in the state. Furthermore, the state’s supreme court is deliberating on the potential reinstatement of a 19th-century law that could effectively outlaw all abortions except in cases where the pregnant individual’s life is in danger. These restrictive measures not only infringe upon reproductive rights but also endanger the health and well-being of individuals like Eva Burch who require access to safe and legal abortion care.

Democratic Efforts:

Despite efforts by Democratic lawmakers to introduce bills addressing abortion rights, progress has been slow. Proposed bills that would safeguard abortion rights up to around 24 weeks, while also allowing for later abortions in cases of maternal health or life-threatening situations, have yet to receive committee hearings. The lack of action on these crucial bills underscores the urgent need for lawmakers to prioritize reproductive rights and access to healthcare for all individuals.

Burch’s Advocacy:

Eva Burch’s decision to speak out about her abortion experience is not only an act of personal courage but also a form of advocacy for those whose voices are often marginalized in legislative debates. By sharing her story, she humanizes the issue of abortion, reminding lawmakers and the public alike that behind every statistic and legal argument, there are real people with real experiences and needs. Burch’s advocacy serves as a powerful call to action for lawmakers to listen to and prioritize the voices and needs of those affected by abortion restrictions.


Eva Burch’s powerful speech on the Senate floor in Arizona has sparked important conversations about abortion rights and access to healthcare. Her courage in sharing her personal experience serves as a reminder of the human impact of legislative decisions on reproductive rights. As lawmakers continue to debate and enact policies related to abortion, they must consider the lived experiences of individuals like Eva Burch and prioritize policies that respect and protect reproductive autonomy and healthcare access for all.

-Prisha Jaiswal

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