Shopping Centres in Dubai Inundated, Airport Submerged As Storm Dumps 1.5 Years of Rain Into UAE In A Few Hours

Thick thunderstorms battered the United Arab Emirates, submerging the airport, driverless metro train system, and massive streets.

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Unexpected Heavy Thunderstorm in the UAE
 A desert nation-state, the UAE, particularly Dubai, faced an unexpected heavy thunderstorm causing significant disruptions to key infrastructure and daily life.

Unprecedented Rainfall

Tuesday’s storms in the UAE brought an extraordinary amount of rainfall, with Dubai experiencing more than 1.5 years’ worth of rain in a single day. Fujairah, another emirate, received even more rain than Dubai, with the northernmost emirate, Ras al-Khaimah, experiencing a fatality due to flooding.

Infrastructure Damage

The heavy rains resulted in flooding across key areas, including roads, airports, and even the city’s driverless metro rail system. The Mall of the Emirates, one of the world’s largest shopping malls, experienced sections of the ceiling collapsing and water gushing out, highlighting the severity of the storm.

Airport Disruptions

 Dubai International Airport, the busiest international airport globally, faced significant challenges with standing water on taxiways and terminals. Arrivals were halted, and travelers struggled to navigate flooded roads to reach the airport terminals.

Emergency Response

Authorities deployed tanker trucks to remove water from roads and streets and dealt with flooded houses. The nation’s emergency management committee coordinated efforts to address the aftermath of the torrential rains.

Uncommon Weather Phenomenon

Given the UAE’s arid climate, heavy rainfall is rare, leading to insufficient drainage systems and exacerbating the impact of storms. The sight of rain in this region is unusual, with neighboring countries like Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia also experiencing similar weather patterns.

Impact Beyond Borders

 The effects of the heavy rains extended beyond the UAE, with adjacent Oman experiencing casualties, including students who tragically lost their lives in flood-related incidents. Leaders from the region offered condolences for the losses suffered in Oman.

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