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Ice baths, a form of holistic wellness therapy, are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to ease a wide range of health concerns. Initially known for athletes and fitness professionals, it is now accessible to anyone seeking the benefits of cold therapy.

Shaik Azgar Sultan, a fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur who is constantly eager to acquire new workout techniques, learned about ice bath therapy under professional guidance. After practicing for months, he established IceManIndia, a unique mobile ice bath facility, in Hyderabad. It’s been almost 9 months now, and he has been guiding his clients through cold water therapy, which helps them to rejuvenate their mood and sharpen their focus. Adding this invigorating therapy to his client’s wellness routine also enhances their recovery and overall fitness.

Shaik’s clientele appreciates the well-planned ice bath session, as it helps boost their vitality and improve their wellness. They love the systematic approach and enjoy the pre-ice bath breathwork session as it helps them stay warm inside the tub filled with ice. Amiya Mishra, the VP of Engineering at Qualcomm, recently had an incredible Ice bath experience. After the session, he praised the moments with ice as – “One of the best, worth going for it. I had sore muscles because of gymming and it was an instant relief!”

Sharani, a director of @thenarayanagroup, who is the epitome of energy, participated in multiple ice bath sessions under Shaik’s guidance. Here are her views on her encounter with ice -“I have been taking Ice Therapy with @azgarsultan for many days and trust me it’s one of the best techniques I have learned to improve my mental health, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, enhance immune function and is a significant factor in extending longevity.”

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Effective instructions make the process easy and Sharani expresses her belief in her instructor Shaik, IceManIndia as- “@azgarsultan has been an amazing guide who prepares you, your mind and your body before you enter the ICE TUB. He takes you through a lot of breathing techniques for approx 20 min because they will help sustain your duration and then you hit the ICE TUB.”

Sunaina, a Tamil actor and fitness fanatic loved the overall Icebath experience with Shaik. She believes that it was worth the experience. She was pleased with the step by step process and enjoyed the entire session that helped her recover and sharpen her focus.

Vishnu Manchu, a Telugu actor recently had a wonderful Icebath session with Shaik. The icebath develops resilience and it was well received by Vishnu Sir under the proficient guidance of Shaik. The session helped him to connect with himself in a profound way. Embracing the cold and working on a focused mindset with the help of Shaik was a rewarding and fulfilling experience for Vishnu sir!

Many more clients have participated in the ice bath sessions and been completely captivated by the icy experience with IceManIndia. They eagerly look forward to the Ice bath sessions with Shaik for overall wellness.

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