Dr. Surya Haritha Sreekumar: A Visionary in Alternative Medicine

Empowering Lives through Research, Education, and Entrepreneurship

Nidhi Mishra
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  • Trailblazing Cancer Research with Medicinal Plants
  • Recognized Leader: Awarded 15+ Times for Research Excellence
  • National Vice President and Icon of Asia 2022

30th June 2023, Mumbai: Dr. Surya Haritha Sreekumar, born on 2 December 1996, is a multifaceted individual who has made significant contributions in the fields of alternative medicine, research, education, and entrepreneurship. Hailing from a distinguished lineage, with Mr. Achuthan Nair as her grandfather and Sreekumar and Lathika as her parents, she was born in Calicut, Kerala and later settled in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Dr. Surya Haritha Sreekumar’s passion for learning and her dedication to making a positive impact in people’s lives have been the driving forces behind her achievements. She is the Founder of the renowned Haritha Institute and Research Foundation, based in Chennai. The foundation aims to promote holistic wellness and disseminate knowledge about alternative medicine through research, education, and community outreach programs. Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, she is also the Center Director of Rapture Biotech Company in Chennai, which focuses on the development and production of innovative healthcare products.

One of Dr. Surya Haritha Sreekumar’s notable accomplishments is her extensive academic background. She has completed more than 85 certificate courses across various disciplines in life science. This diverse knowledge base has enabled her to explore different aspects of her fields of interest and develop a comprehensive understanding of alternative medicine and research methodologies.

One of her primary areas of focus has been researching medicinal plants used in cancer treatment. Dr. Surya Haritha Sreekumar’s dedication and expertise in this domain have garnered significant recognition. She has been honored with over 15 awards for her exceptional research contributions, establishing herself as one of the leading researchers in her field. Her commitment to advancing medical knowledge and finding effective natural treatments for cancer has earned her the respect and admiration of her peers.

In addition to her research endeavors, Dr. Surya Haritha Sreekumar has actively contributed to academia and the scientific community. She has authored and published more than 10 research articles in various national and international journals, thereby sharing her findings and contributing to the collective body of knowledge. Her work has been recognized and appreciated for its scientific rigor and potential to revolutionize cancer treatment.

Dr. Surya Haritha Sreekumar’s expertise and accomplishments have not gone unnoticed on a national and international level. Last year, she was honored as an icon of Asia in 2022, solidifying her status as a rising star in the medical and research community. Her dedication to advancing human rights and promoting ethical practices has also led to her appointment as the National Vice President and Ambassador of the World Human Rights Protection Commission of India and the USA. This prestigious role reflects her commitment to making a difference in society and advocating for justice and equality.

Furthermore, Dr. Surya Haritha Sreekumar is actively involved in shaping the future of medical education and research. She serves as a faculty member of the Indian Council for Technical Research and Development, where she imparts her knowledge and expertise to aspiring researchers and medical professionals. Her dedication to education and mentorship ensures that the next generation of scientists and doctors receive the guidance they need to excel in their respective fields.

Dr. Surya Haritha Sreekumar’s journey exemplifies the power of passion, perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. As a researcher, alternative medicine doctor, educator, and women entrepreneur, she has made remarkable strides in her field. Her contributions to alternative medicine research, her entrepreneurial ventures, and her advocacy for human rights have positioned her as a leading figure in the medical community. With her unwavering dedication to improving healthcare outcomes and her commitment to empowering others, Dr. Surya Haritha Sreekumar is undoubtedly a role model for aspiring researchers and future leaders in the field of medicine.

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