Tamil Nadu’s Cold wave: Temperature drops to 21 degree celcius: Thalaikundha village in Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, experienced temperatures below 0°C on last month

The country as a whole is seeing a decline in temperature, but in Tamil Nadu's hill district of Ooty, residents are suffering from bitter cold, which has also had an impact on agricultural, according to PTI

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Tamil Nadu district freezing at zero- degree while Kashmir remains without snowfall. Official data available indicates that the temperature at Kanthal and Thalaikuntha in Udhagamandalam was recorded at 1 degree Celsius, while the Botanical Garden reported a little higher temperature of 2 degrees Celsius. Sandynallah had three degrees Celsius more warmth. According to locals, similar conditions are typically seen in November and December. Individuals were also observed attempting to stay warm by gathering around a bonfire. A government employee named N Ravichandran stated that the cold made it hard to leave the house early for work.

Even with the appropriate clothing, it was still hard to operate a two-wheeler, which resulted in health problems like fever, headaches, and breathing difficulties.

However, the comparatively ‘unseasonal’ cold that has stricken the Alps has locals and environmental groups concerned. V Sivadas of the Nilagiri Environment Social Trust (NEST) believes that the Nilgiris are facing a significant challenge because of global warming and the El-Nino effect. “The onset of the cold is delayed and such a climatic change is a big challenge to the Nilgiris and study should be conducted about this,” he said.

The weather has had a specific effect on plantation

Beyond tea plantations, the influence on agriculture affects a variety of crops in the area. Due to the unexpected weather, vegetable farmers have reported negative effects on their crops, especially cabbages. There are difficulties with the large-scale tea plantation that has been established here. According to R Sukumaran, the secretary of a local tea workers union, tea plantations have been impacted by not just the cold but also the heavy rains that fell in December and the ensuing cold spell. He even voiced concerns about how this would impact output in the upcoming months.

Farmers that grow vegetables, among others, said that the weather had a specific impact on cabbages. Even with the appropriate clothing, it was still hard to operate a two-wheeler, which resulted in health problems like fever, excruciating headaches, and breathing difficulties.

An unexpected cold period is affecting crops and daily life in the Ooty district of Tamil Nadu.

Meanwhile Gulmarg experiences zero snowfall

On the other hand, Gulmarg, a popular tourist site in Kashmir, is going through an exceptionally dry spell this year. Concerns have been raised by the lack of snowfall in well-known winter vacation spots including Sonmarg, Tangmarg, Pahalgam, and Aru Valley since satellite photos show an anomalous climate pattern.

Climate changes raise concerns

Concerns have been raised by locals and environmentalists regarding the comparatively ‘unseasonal’ cold that has struck the mountains and by locals and environmental activists, who point to the El Nino impact and global warming as significant causes.

By: Gursharan Kaur

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