Barricaded Delhi Border: Farmers protest on loop

Barricaded Delhi Border: Farmers protest on loop

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The administration worries that 2020 would happen again, when numerous people lost their lives during a year-long protest that was only resolved when ministers decided to revoke contentious agricultural regulations. Tear gas was used by police in northern India to stop hundreds of farmers demanding minimum crop prices from marching on Delhi. However, farmers claim that other demands are still unmet a little over two years later.

Police tried to stop the farmers from entering the national capital which led to chaotic scene in Shambhu border. Using their tractors and hand weapons, the protesting farmers were observed attempting to breach the multi-layered barricades. Images made public on Tuesday showed protesters in the Ambala area, around 200 kilometers (125 miles) north of the city, being dispersed by thick clouds of tear gas.

Most of the farmers from Punjab stated they wanted to cross the border peacefully but due to hindrances caused by the police for not letting them in caused trouble. During Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reign the 2020 farmer protest was one of the big movement which led to several major challenges for months via blocking national highways. On the MSP, however, there was no agreement. The government had stated that it will form a panel to look into measures to guarantee support prices for all farm produce in 2021, following the repeal of the farm laws. However, the committee has not yet turned in its report. On Tuesday, authorities in Delhi reported traffic congestion and interruptions due to road closures and traffic diverting. The state government of Haryana, backed by the BJP, has shut off internet access in seven districts until Tuesday.

Farmers are requesting guaranteed floor prices, sometimes referred to as minimum support prices, or MSPs, so they can sell the majority of their produce at mandis, or government-run wholesale markets. In addition, they want the government to keep its word and double farmers’ profits. Leaders of farm unions and federal ministries have held two rounds of discussions, but neither time has been able to break the impasse. The Punjab Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee, general secretary Sarvan Singh Pandher, also added “We will move peacefully and our objective is that the government listens to our demands.”

-Subhangee Mandal

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