Bihar Train Accident Horror: Witnesses “Could Hear Screams, From The Train Bogies”

Bihar tragic train incident: passenger scream and fell from their seats

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13th October 2023, Mumbai: A tragic incident unfolded in Raghunathpur village, Bihar, when a train derailed, leaving four people dead and injuring 30 others. Eyewitnesses present at the scene have come forward to share their harrowing experiences, shedding light on the chaotic aftermath of the accident. According to an article published in the Hindustan Times, these witnesses reported hearing screams and witnessing sparks from a distance, painting a vivid picture of the terrifying ordeal.

Eyewitness hear Horror Screams

Late in the evening, Ramgobind (42) and Shyam Lal (48) were tending to their fields near Raghunathpur village. Suddenly, at around 9:50 pm, they heard a loud bang followed by sparks illuminating the night sky. Initially mistaking the sight for lightning, they soon realized that something much more sinister had occurred. Rushing towards the source of the noise, they discovered a mangled train at the Raghunathpur railway station.

Ramgobind recounted the chaos, stating, “All we could hear was screams, and virtually the entire train had toppled. The electric wires had snapped, and there were so many sparks that they were visible from a distance.” Overwhelmed by the severity of the situation, they immediately reached out to the Gram Raksha Dal, a local volunteer organization, who promptly arrived at the scene with whatever assistance they could provide.

Villagers Unity in Rescue Efforts:

Ramgobind and Shyam Lal were among the first responders to the tragic incident involving 23 bogies of the North East Express. News of the derailment quickly spread, prompting nearby villagers to mobilize and extend their support. People from neighboring villages rushed to the site with essential supplies such as water, ladders, ropes, and torches.

Despite the challenging circumstances, the villagers wasted no time and collaborated to rescue those trapped inside the overturned compartments. Shyam Lal explained, “We tried to help people crawl out of the bogies, some of which had completely tilted. There were children inside, and everyone was confused and in a daze. Some who were uninjured joined us in helping others.”

Community Spirit Shines Amidst the Darkness:

Dhiraj Kumar, the headmaster of an upgraded high school in Raghunathpur, shared the commendable efforts made by the community, stating, “Villagers from Kaithi, Rajpur, Baswar, and Pokhraha all reached the spot, carried injured passengers on their bikes, and rushed to a nearby community health center.” The local police, district magistrate, and superintendent of police also arrived at the scene within an hour of the accident, providing additional support and resources.

Survivors described the horrifying accident:

Passengers inside the unfortunate train described the terrifying moments leading up to the accident. Kartik Yadav from Satna, Madhya Pradesh, revealed that most passengers were either asleep or preparing to rest when they suddenly felt violent jerks coming through the compartments. These continuous jerks proved to be alarmingly intense, causing passengers to fall from their berths. As the train came to a halt, the true extent of the tragedy became apparent.

“One passenger who escaped unhurt shared, ‘Everything inside the bogies – slippers, toys, edible items, cold drinks – were all thrown around. When the train jerked and wobbled, there was panic, and people tried to rush out. We were afraid of what would happen next, like a fire.'”

Bihar Train accident Conclusion

The eyewitnesses’ of the Bihar train accident described the graphic and horrifying image of the tragedy that unfolded in Raghunathpur village. The immediate response and collective efforts of the villagers unitedly shown the power of community spirit in times of crisis. As investigators delve into the causes behind this heartbreaking event, it is crucial to recognize the heroic actions of those who selflessly came to the aid of their countrymen.

By Harsh Rathod

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