Dharmendra’s First Wife Opens Up About His Relationship with Hema Malini

Prakash Kaur Reflects on Dharmendra’s Love Story and Their Family Dynamic

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  • Prakash Kaur shares Dharmendra’s love story with Hema.
  • Prakash defends Dharmendra as a devoted father.
  • Prakash disapproves of Hema’s actions, maintains respect.

30th June 2023, Mumbai: Dharmendra’s first wife, Prakash Kaur, a veteran performer, once recalled how he fell in love with Hema Malini. In 1954, Prakash and Dharmendra got married. Several accounts claim that Dharmendra married Hema in 1980 without first divorcing his first wife. As the two recently attended the wedding of their grandson Karan Deol, the elder son of actor Sunny Deol, their relationship with Prakash Kaur came up for discussion again after a long absence.

While collaborating on their movie Tum Haseen Main Jawaan in 1970, Hema and Dharmendra had their first encounter. Over time, the two grew closer despite the fact that Dharmendra was married and had four children, including the actors Sunny and Bobby Deol. Hema’s parents apparently disagreed as well. However, the two finally married and welcomed daughter Esha Deol and Ahana Deol in 1981 and 1985, respectively.

According to reports, Prakash Kaur defended Dharmendra in an interview from 1981 by saying, “Why just my husband? Any man would have preferred Hema to me. When the majority of the industry is engaging in the same behaviour, how can anyone call my spouse a womaniser? All heroes are cheating on their spouses and remarrying… Although he is really wonderful to me, he may not be the finest husband, but he is unquestionably the best father. He is well adored by his kids. He never forgets about them.”

She also made it clear that she didn’t hold Hema responsible for what transpired between her and Dharmendra, but she did vow never to act in the same way as Hema.

“I understand what Hema is going through”, Prakash had stated. “Even she has to deal with the outside world, her family, and her friends. But if I were Hema, I wouldn’t have acted in the same manner. Because I am a woman, I can relate to her. But I disapprove of them in my role as a wife and mother.”

She never lost respect for Dharmendra despite what Prakash had said. He was ‘the first and last man’ in her life, she had declared. She continued by saying she ‘liked and admired him a lot’ and that he was the father of her children.

Additionally, Prakash had stated that ‘what had happened had happened’, but she was unsure whether to place the blame on Dharmendra or fate. She continued by saying she knew Dharmendra would be there for her if she ever needed him. She stated that because he was the father of her children, she had ‘not lost’ her trust in him.

-by Kashvi Gala

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