Elon Musk on India visit; The Prime Minister will pay for Tesla

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is visiting India. Musk has given this information by tweeting. He will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi during this visit. Tesla wants some concessions to come to India. Tesla’s entry has been delayed as India insists on compliance.

Tesla, the electric vehicle manufacturer, has been trying to enter the Indian market for the past few years. For this, the company’s CEO and global billionaire Elon Musk met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the US. But the central government has placed some terms and conditions before Tesla. Therefore, Tesla’s electric vehicles could not hit the Indian roads. Now Elon Musk is visiting India. During this he will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has given information about this in a tweet.

In this month in India

Elon Musk, CEO of American electric car maker Tesla, is visiting India this month. He will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi during this visit. According to sources, Musk may announce an investment plan for Tesla in India. Musk is visiting India in the third week of this month. He will be accompanied by other officers of the company.

The plan was already decided

Prime Minister Modi was on a US visit in June last year. Musk met him at that time. There was also a discussion between the two. At that time, Musk had planned to visit India in 2024. It was claimed that Tesla’s electric car will run in India soon. Tesla has been trying to enter the Indian market for a long time. But Tesla’s entry has been delayed due to certain terms and conditions.

Policy for Electric Vehicles

Even before Musk’s visit to India, the central government has announced a special policy for electric vehicles. Under this, only companies investing at least 50 crore dollars i.e. nearly 4 thousand crore rupees in the country will be given a discount in import duty. Also, these companies have to buy goods from local suppliers. Some concessions have also been announced to attract the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturing companies.

Company office in Pune

Tesla is trying to enter the electric vehicle market in India. Last year in August, Tesla India Motor and Energy Pvt Ltd searched for an office space in Pune. Office (Elon Musk Tesla Office) has been taken on rent basis in Panchsheel Business Park. Tesla took this step after discussions with the Union Commerce and Industry Minister. The company’s decision shows Tesla’s insistence on electric car sales.

Meeting Mukesh Ambani

It is also being said that Musk can also have a special meeting with India’s richest businessman Mukesh Ambani. It is believed that Tesla is looking for a partner to start business in India. In such a situation, joint business talks with Reliance can start. In India, a place is being searched for Tesla’s new plant in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Met Pm Modi Last Year

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited America in the month of June last year. At that time he had met Elon Musk. Last year in July itself, it was announced by Tesla that a factory would be built in India to produce EVs.

Even in the year 2019, Musk had decided to invest in India. But at that time he was raising questions about high import tax. Then the Indian government had said that if Tesla sets up a new plant in India, then giving them concessions can be considered.

-Rahul Dubey

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