Farmers’ Protest Escalation: Tensions Rise as Agitators March Towards Delhi

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Concerns Over Deteriorating Law and Order:

The Union Government has expressed deep concern over the escalating law and order situation at the Punjab and Haryana borders, as thousands of agitators prepare to breach barriers and march towards Delhi. The rejection of the Central government’s purchase plan has further fueled the agitation, with 14,000 protestors set to challenge the security measures at the Shambhu, Singhu, and Ghazipur Borders.

Rejection of Central Government’s Proposal:

Following the farmer unions’ dismissal of the Central government’s five-year purchase plan, the agitators, primarily from Punjab, are determined to resume their ‘Delhi Chalo’ march. The rejection of the proposal for procuring three pulses, maize, and cotton at the minimum support price (MSP) has intensified the standoff, prompting the protestors to push forward with their demands.

Government’s Communication with Punjab:

In a significant development, the Union Government has communicated with the Punjab government, highlighting the substantial gathering of protestors along the Punjab-Haryana border. The presence of a large number of individuals and vehicles has raised serious concerns, leading to the Union Home Ministry’s strong objections and a call for stringent action against potential lawbreakers.

Inter-State Police Actions:

Amidst the escalating tensions, the Haryana Police has urged its Punjab counterpart to seize heavy machinery, including bulldozers and earthmoving equipment, which are perceived as potential tools for breaching barricades. In response, the Punjab Director General of Police (DGP) has issued orders to restrict the movement of such equipment towards the border points, reflecting the heightened state of alert and anticipation of potential clashes.

Potential for Fresh Clashes:

The actions taken by both Haryana and Punjab police have set the stage for potential confrontations between the agitators and security forces. The determination of the protestors to move forward with heavy vehicles, despite restrictions, raises concerns about renewed clashes at the border points. Previous altercations between farmers and security personnel have already underscored the volatile nature of the situation.

Judicial Intervention and Restrictions:

The Punjab and Haryana High Court has weighed in on the matter, criticizing the assembly of protestors with a large number of tractors at the Shambhu border. The court’s emphasis on reasonable restrictions on protests underscores the legal dimensions of the ongoing standoff, adding another layer of complexity to the evolving situation.


The unfolding events surrounding the farmers’ protest reflect a critical juncture in the ongoing agitation, with heightened tensions and potential for further escalation. The interplay between government communications, police actions, and judicial interventions underscores the multifaceted nature of this complex and evolving issue. As stakeholders navigate this challenging landscape, a delicate balance between upholding democratic rights and maintaining law and order remains a paramount concern.

-Prisha Jaiswal

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