Gangster turned politician Mukhtar Ansari passes away in a hospital following a heart arrest

Notorious gangster Mukhtar Ansari has died of a heart attack. Mukhtar Ansari was being treated by a team of 9 doctors for the last 14 hours.

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Notorious gangster Mukhtar Ansari has died. Mukhtar Ansari fell unconscious in jail due to a heart attack. After this, he was admitted to the hospital for treatment and it is reported that he died during the treatment. Mukhtar Ansari was being treated by a team of 9 doctors for the last 14 hours. However, doctors failed to save his life and he died during treatment. Gangster Mukhtar Ansari was serving sentence in Uttar Pradesh’s Banda Jail.

Mukhtar Ansari was sentenced in 2022. After that Ansari was sentenced to life imprisonment in two more cases. More than 61 cases are said to be registered against Mukhtar Ansari. After the death of Mukhtar Ansari, the Uttar Pradesh Police is on alert mode. Security has been beefed up in Banda, and Ghazipur areas and Section 144 has been imposed.

Who is Mukhtar Ansari?

Mukhtar Ansari was MLA five times. More than 65 serious crimes were registered against Ansari. Mukhtar was accused of running a gang even from jail. A brother of Mukhtar Ansari is a sitting MP. The Uttar Pradesh government took action against Mukhtar Ansari and seized assets worth nearly 605 crores. Also many of his illegal businesses were closed by the government.

What did Mayawati tweet?

After Mukhtar Ansari’s death, Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati tweeted, “A high-level inquiry is needed into the serious allegations made by Mukhtar Ansari’s family regarding his death in jail. So that the facts of Mukhtar Ansari’s death can come out. In such a situation, it is natural for his family to be sad. Mayawati expressed her sorrow for the loss and said, “May his family gather strength to bear this sorrow”.

The death of Mukhtar Ansari will be investigated

After the death of Mukhtar Ansari, the boy alleged that Mukhtar Ansari was given poison. It is said that they will go to court demanding an inquiry in this case. Meanwhile, an inquiry has been ordered following allegations of poisoning by the boy.

The hooliganism shocked everyone

Mukhtar Ansari had two brothers. One of these brothers, namely Afzal Ansari, is currently the MP from Ghazipur. Moreover, Mukhtar Ansari was elected by people 5 times. Moreover, he won the election despite being in jail 3 times. Mukhtar had not contested the 2022 assembly elections. He asked the elder son to contest this election. His son had won a big victory in this election. Mukhtar Ansari’s brother, named Abbas Ansari, is also serving a jail sentence in similar cases. Apart from this, Mukhtar’s wife Shahisti Parveen and another son Umar Ansari are currently absconding. The other son and wife have several cases filed against them.

Yogi government action against Mukhtar

Once upon a time, mafia and notorious gangster Mukhtar Ansari dominated the eastern region. However, he was convicted in 8 cases in the last 18 months. 160 cases were registered against his 292 colleagues. According to media reports, 186 of his colleagues were sent to jail by the Yogi government. If Mukhtar’s total business is considered, the government destroyed the business of nearly 604 crores. The government had consistently taken major steps to destroy Mukhtar Ansari’s empire. The Government had taken action under Section 14(1) to confiscate the Mukhtar’s property.

-Rahul Dubey

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