Massive fire broke out in Patna Hotel,6 People died and 35-40 Rescued

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Disheartning News of Fire

The capital of Bihar, Patna, is said to have many Pal Hotels. Among these, a fire broke out in Pal Hotel located near Patna Junction at around 11 am on Thursday. The fire has also reached the adjacent building. Efforts are going on to save Patna Kirana.

About the Incident at Pal Hotel, Patna and Adjacent Building Caught fire?

A massive fire broke out in the multi-storey Pal Hotel located just opposite the junction in the capital Patna on Thursday morning. The fire was reported around 10:30 in the morning and within about half an hour the entire building was filled with fire and smoke. The fire also reached the building adjacent to the hotel and only fire and smoke were visible from both the buildings. Adjacent Patna Kirana is also in danger of fire. The arrangements of the fire brigade are proving weak in front of this fire. There is a huge traffic jam on the bridge located in front of the building and the station road is also completely blocked. Here, about one and a half hours after the fire, the body of a person was taken out. Half an hour later, the bodies of two girls were taken out.

What did Satya Prakash Confirm?

Patna Central Range TSP Satya Prakash confirmed that six people have died in the fire incident at Pal Hotel. There are three women and three men in it. The condition of two people remains critical. He said that about 20 people have been admitted to PMCH for treatment.

How did Fire Break through?

Local people say that the fire that broke out in the kitchen engulfed the four-storey building. People , having breakfast on the upper floor got hit by it. There was panic in the area after the incident. People from nearby hotels and shops came out on the road. The fire brigade team is busy carrying out rescue operations and taking people out.

How many people were rescued by Fire Brigade Team? And what loss incurred?

According to the fire brigade team, till now 30-35 people have been evacuated from the hotel. Rescue is still going on. The fire is so intense that people are reluctant to go inside. Here, the people who were rescued by the fire brigade team are being immediately sent to the hospital. About a dozen small and big fire fighting vehicles are present at the spot. The work of extinguishing today is being done continuously. Here, the massive fire also engulfed two other hotels near Pal Hotel. Due to strong wind, both the hotels on the right side of Pal Hotel also came under fire. Till now, there is talk of loss of around crores of rupees.

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