Pawan Kumar Chamadia Takes Charge as the New President of The Brotherhood Foundation

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The installation ceremony 2024-2025 of The Brotherhood Foundation was conducted with great enthusiasm .

Pune: The installation ceremony 2024-2025 of The Brotherhood Foundation was conducted with great enthusiasm, marking a significant commitment to social, educational, and cultural initiatives, as well as inspiring youth participation. The event saw the formation of the new executive committee for The Brotherhood Foundation’s Pune chapter. Held at Novotel Hotel in Viman Nagar, the ceremony hosted esteemed industrialist Sanjay Ghodawat as the chief guest, who formally entrusted Pawan Kumar Chamadia with the presidency of The Brotherhood Foundation. Similarly, Prashant Agrawal assumed the role of Secretary, Narendra Goyal as Treasurer, and Naresh Goyal as Joint Secretary, alongside other newly appointed members, all of whom took the oath and assumed their responsibilities with determination.

At the installation ceremony of The Brotherhood, industrialist Sanjay Ghodawat extended a warm welcome to all attendees. He congratulated all the new executive members and emphasized the importance of blessings from parents and elders in achieving success. He highlighted that individuals who move forward with the blessings of their parents and elders inevitably reach the pinnacle of success. Members of The Brotherhood and the Agrawal community understand and implement this belief, leading to continuous progress and success. Sanjay Ghodawat also shared insights into his business success and offered valuable business advice to the present entrepreneurs.

Pawan Kumar Chamadia Takes Charge as the New President of The Brotherhood Foundation 1

The Brotherhood Foundation Pune’s New Executive Committee

Pawan Kumar Chamadia, the newly appointed President, has taken over the reins of the President position of The Brotherhood Foundation Pune for the year 2024-2025 from the outgoing President Pawan Jain and Kavita Jain. This installation ceremony marked the 27th establishment day of The Brotherhood Pune. In the new executive committee for this year, Pawan Jain assumes the role of Vice President, Sagar Agrawal as Vice President, Sanjay B. Agrawal as Vice President, Prashant S. Agrawal as Secretary, Narendra Shyamsundar Goyal as Treasurer, Colonel Naresh Goyal as Joint Secretary. Additionally, prominent members such as Sanjay Ramjilal Bansal, Rahul R. Agrawal, Ravikiran Agrawal, Rakesh Ramchandra Agrawal, CA Sandeep Agrawal, Arun Kumar Singhal, Mukesh Kanodia, Rajesh S. Mittal, Jitesh N. Agrawal, Jeetendra M. Bansal, Yogesh P. Jain, Arvind R. Agrawal, and Somanath Kedia have assumed their respective roles. During the program, at least two dozen new members were sworn in, and they were entrusted with their responsibilities.

“I am a servant, not a leader – Pawan Kumar Chamadia”

During this time, President Pawan Kumar Chamadia stated, “I am a servant to all of you, not a leader. I will work with my colleagues with team spirit.”

Welcome Extended to Guests

The chief guest of the event, Sanjay Ghodawat, was warmly welcomed with a shawl, a traditional turban from Pune, and a symbolic emblem. Following this, both Sanjay Ghodawat and President Pawan Kumar Chamadia unveiled this year’s theme video for the BrotherHood. The main founders of BrotherHood, Jay Prakashji Goyal and Ishwarchand Goyal, were honored for their dedication and service to the club. Pawan Bansal, Sanjay Prince, and Balbir Agarwal invited all directors of the 2024-2025 board, along with their spouses, to the stage, announcing their names and positions. All officials and members then assumed their responsibilities. The event witnessed a large number of attendees, including esteemed figures like the founding chairman Jayprakashji Goyal, Ishwarchand Goyal, among others.”

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