Pichwaiwala Narendra Art-Handicrafts Wowed at India Art Festival, Impressing Makarand Deshpande

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The India Art Festival, which takes place in Mumbai from February 8–11, 2024, has a number of artists showcasing their talents. Pichwaiwala, a Rajasthani artist from Udaipur, is one of them. Actor Makarand Desh Pandey was overcome with emotion while witnessing Shrinathji’s handicrafts. They commented that the India Art Festival was a breathtaking visual and emotional experience!
It was really enjoyable to go from self-taught to students to masters work in one location!
It is a blessing that I can both see and feel it.

Sincere gratitude is extended to the curators, artists, and organizers. Pichwaiwala pledges to create amazing, beautiful Pichhwai paintings that combine a fresh perspective with decades-old culture. He offers art enthusiasts a unique chance to discover both new and experienced specialist art.

Pichhwai art, which originated in Mewar, Rajasthan, is an enthralling and traditional type of Indian art. It began at Pushtimarg Haveli during the reign of Emperor Maharana Raj Singh before the year 400. Members of the Pichwaiwala family set World Records with their brief Pichhwai paintings.The family was employed at Palace, or Haveli.

The Pichhwai is well-known for its vibrant colors and rugged accents. The everyday routine of Lord Krishna is mostly described in Pichhwai Art.

For the past seven or eight decades, the Pichwaiwala family has been committed to this art form, and they are constantly refining it with the help of Grandfather Jai Kishan Ji, Father Narendra Singh Ji, Karan Singh, and other family members Mahendra Singh, Chander Singh, Rahul Kumar Soni, and Kailash.

Through his own artistic techniques, Rahul Kumar Soni set a world record. He is the recipient of almost a dozen honors.His commitment to brilliance and his efforts have raised the bar for perfection, motivating us all to strive for greatness.

Rahul Soni was inspired by his mother, a miniature artist, and he followed in her footsteps from a young age. However, he began working professionally as an artist at the age of 14. He then began practicing Pichwai art after meeting Mr. Karan Singh, the Pichwaiwala.

Interesting facts about Pichhwai art were revealed by Rahul Soni and Karan Singh. It is created solely in natural light using stone colors and a brush with a single hair.

Through his innovative talents, Rahul Soni redefined the norm for Pichhwai art. Previously, Pichhwai art was created on ordinary 6×4 feet of goza cotton clothing, but he micronized it to 6×4″ and then 1×1″. As a result, Rahul Soni created new concepts for Micro-Pichhwai and Micro-Miniature Art.

Rahul Soni made some amazing Micro-Miniature Art on a mustard seed. He first drew a kingfisher’s beak and then a fish with a fish’s eye visible in the beak of a hummingbird.

A New Era of Micro-Pichhwai and Micro-Miniature was founded by Mr. Rahul Soni. The amazing Pichhwai art that we are currently viewing has a rich history that spans centuries and is the
result of decades of laborious effort.

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