PM Modi Engages Influential Gamers

Mr. Modi talked about the difference between gaming and gambling while playing a few video games.

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On April 13, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made public a video of his March residence-based meeting with a few online video game influencers. Mr. Modi got to know Tirth Mehta, Animesh Agarwal, Anshu Bisht, Mithilesh Patankar, Ganesh Gangadhar, Payal Dhare, and Naman Mathur—all of whom have distinct online personas.


A record 1.85 crore 18–19-year-olds are registering to vote in the general elections in the upcoming weeks, coinciding with the outreach to the gaming community. In India, one of the most-watched video categories on YouTube is gaming.

Modi gaming

Raji is an adventure game that can be played on PCs and gaming consoles and was developed in India. Mr. Modi played it. He also played the multiplayer survival royale game Stumble Guys. He was playing the rhythm game Beat Sabre on a virtual reality headset.
The influencers and the prime minister discussed their professional choices. “We practice for six to seven hours,” an esports player informed him.

Gaming vs Gambling

Video game makers have been trying to clarify the difference between gaming and gambling during the past year, and Mr. Modi touched on this topic. “We must distinguish between skill-based video gaming and real money gaming,” Mr. Agarwal, also going by the handle 8bitthug, stated to the Prime Minister.

Regarding the video game sector, Mr. Modi stated that there was no need for regulation. The Prime Minister asked the players to submit written ideas after Mr. Agarwal continued discussing the necessity of keeping video games and real money gaming apart.

Looking forward

India has seen some substantial growth in recent years. Something that was not even looked at as something other than a hobby is now seen as a substantial career option. And India does not lag. Now, even supported by India’s honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, gamers are treated like celebrities and even are getting awards. Future of Gaming in india looks promising.

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