Swiggy Delivery Partner March On Strike With The Help Of Shiv Sena Union

Swiggy's lack of Working Conditions leads to Strike by Delivery Partners

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10th October 2023, Mumbai: Several Food Delivery Partners went on a serious strike on October 8th in the region of Mumbai and Virar demanding for better payments and good working conditions from the food delivery app, Swiggy.

Swiggy’s Lack Of better working conditions

On October 8, several delivery partners linked to the food delivery app, Swiggy have initiated an indefinite strike demanding for improved working conditions. The strike is being conducted by the Rashtriya Karmachari Sena linked with Eknath shinde , a union of Shiv Sena and led by Kiran Pawaskar.

The primary mission for this delivery partner  action was Swiggy management’s lack of response to the workers’ complaints. According to Pawaskar, Swiggy’s delivery workers, totaling approximately 22,000 individuals, have recently become part of their shiv sena union. He further shared that he had held a meeting with these workers last month to understand their demands and problems with the delivery app.

Several individuals came forward on Twitter

At present, the strike has been going on within Mumbai and neighboring areas such as Virar, focusing mainly on the better payments  and improved working conditions. however several individuals cane forward in the support of this workers strike expressing their concers they wrote on X (Twitter)

Saying, “Absolutely unacceptable service by @Swiggy. Clearly, Swiggy does not care about service. Inhuman to the core. I ordered food for my senior citizen father, only to wait 45 minutes, then follow up with the delivery agent who says to speak to the company as there is a strike”. Additionally the other user wrote, “Dear @Swiggy, have you considered stopping your app if agents are on strike? Informing the customer immediately instead of the customer calling after 45 minutes? Also, have you considered training your customer care staff to actually care?

However, there is no official statement issued by the Swiggy regarding the ongoing strike.

‘The strike will continue’

Pawaskar, the union leader seemed to be very frustrated by this act of ignorance by the food delivery company, swiggy. He further stated that over 8000 workers are joined in their union. He stressed that the workers aree keen on going back to normal.

Additionally, Pawaskar talked about their upcoming meetings, and if a solution doesn’t come out, the strike might continue or even escalate into protests.

By Harsh Rathod

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