Thackeray Group’s first big win in High Court, big blow to Shinde Group; What is the Matter?

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Although the Shinde group did not lose power after the outcome of the power struggle in the state, the Thackeray group got a big relief in a court case. The Shinde group has suffered a big blow in this case. Therefore, there is an atmosphere of enthusiasm in the Thackeray group.

The Supreme Court has given its verdict on the power struggle in the state . In this verdict, the court questioned the role of the Governor to the Assembly Speaker. The Supreme Court also came to a relief for the Thackeray group. But the state government did not go. So the Shinde government has got relief. In the meantime, after the Election Commission gave bow and arrow and party symbol to the Shinde group, the Shinde group tried to capture the offices in the Municipal Corporations of the state. An attempt was also made to capture the office of the union. That case also went to Bombay High Court. The Thackeray group has got a big relief in this case.

The Uddhav Thackeray faction has been defeated in the battle of the Municipal Employees’ Sena in Nashik. The Shinde group had claimed the office of the Municipal Employees Sena. So the Nashik police blocked this office. When the case went to the Bombay High Court, the court ruled in favor of the Thackeray group. The Thackeray group has got a big relief after attacking the Shinde group in this case. So now the seal of the office of the Municipal Staff Sena will be opened.

What is the matter?

A few months ago, Thackeray and the Shinde faction had come face-to-face over taking over the office of the Municipal Employees Sena. This created a tense situation. The office was sealed by the police on the order of the then Assistant Commissioner of Police Dipali Khanna to prevent disputes between the two groups. The controversy took place after the then president of the Municipal Employees Sena, Pravin Tidme, joined the Shinde group from the Thackeray group. After that, the matter went to court. Both the factions claimed this office. However, the Shinde group has had to lose in this long court battle. That is why now the control of the municipal staff hall has gone to the Thackeray group.

The situation was the same everywhere

There was a vertical split in Shiv Sena after Eknath Shinde’s revolt. After this split, the Shinde group claimed the party and party symbol. The Election Commission had given relief to the Shinde group in this matter. The Shinde group was given a party and election symbol. After that, we claimed to be the official Shiv Sena and started claiming control over Shiv Sena offices in municipalities and village branches of Shiv Sena. In some places the two groups came face to face due to this dispute. Due to this, a situation of tension was created in the state.

-Rahul Dubey

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