Video: Father Brings Daughter Back From In Laws Amidst Domestic Violence Charges

Ranchi Father brings Married Daughter Back From husband’s House with bands and baraat

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Father Brings Daughter Back From In Laws Amidst Domestic Violence Charges

21st October 2023, Mumbai: In a viral video that has recently come to light, Prem Gupta, the father of a married woman named Sakshi Gupta, took a bold step to protect his daughter from alleged exploitation and harassment by her in-laws. In a video statement that has gone viral, he called for the return of his daughter from his in laws with ‘band and baraat’, emphasizing the importance of respecting and honoring daughters. This incident sheds light on a broader issue that continues to be a never ending epidemic in Indian society: domestic violence.

 A Father’s Touching Act

In a viral video, Prem Gupta (Father) brought his married daughter Sakshi Gupta back home with a grand celebration. He emphasized the importance of respecting and cherishing daughters, saying, “Daughters are very precious.” His gesture conveys that family love and protection should always come first.

Domestic Violence In India

In India, domestic violence is a widespread problem cutting across regions, incomes, and education levels. According to the report, Upto 30 percent of married women in Indian society face the disturbing case of domestic violence. Despite laws in place to protect women’s and children, it remains a significant challenge. The issue affects countless innocent lives within the country that have rich culture and modern perspective.

A Disturbing Reality

Domestic violence is a hidden problem in India. Despite progress, it’s increasing. It includes physical, emotional, and financial abuse and affects people of all ages and backgrounds.

The Domestic Violence Offenders

The offenders of domestic violence can range from husbands and in-laws to parents and other family members. Power dynamics, traditional norms, and societal pressure often contribute in encouraging of such disturbing violence. The victims of such cases are often unable to seek help or break free from the cycle of abuse.

India’s Action Against Domestic Abuse

India has taken significant steps to address domestic violence through legislation such as the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005. This law is designed to provide legal protection to women facing domestic violence, allowing them to secure protection orders, residence orders, and monetary relief. However, enforcement and awareness of these laws remain inconsistent, making it challenging for victims to access the protection they need.

Furthermore, The incident involving Sakshi Gupta and her father’s video statement serves as a stark reminder of the pervasive problem of domestic violence in India. The nation must come together to address this issue, promote gender equality, and provide support to victims. Only through a concerted effort can India hope to build a society where daughters, like Sakshi, are cherished, respected, and protected from the shadows of domestic violence.

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