What amenities will Arvind Kejriwal get in Tihar Jail?

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was brought to Tihar Jail on Monday after a Delhi court sent him to judicial custody until April 15.

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Delhi’s Rouse Avenue Court has sent CM Arvind Kejriwal to judicial custody until April 15 in the liquor policy case. He will remain in jail number 2 in Tihar. He will be alone here in the barracks. ED had argued in court that Kejriwal was not cooperating in the investigation. Kejriwal has challenged the decision on his arrest and remand in the Delhi High Court. ED will file its reply in the High Court today.

3 books, TV, mattress, and home-cooked food

The cell in which Kejriwal has been kept is 14 feet in length and 8 feet in width. There is also a TV installed in it. Four security personnel, as per the court orders, will be deployed outside the cell at all times. Kejriwal demanded three books from the court for studying in jail. Kejriwal has demanded Ramayana, Geeta, and Neerja Chaudhary’s book, How the Prime Minister Decides. Officials said Kejriwal will be in his cell under 24-hour CCTV camera surveillance and can watch TV and read books. One of the officers said that Kejriwal’s’sugar level’ is slightly low, and he has been given medicines on the advice of jail doctors. Officials said that, as per jail rules, home-cooked food will be provided to Kejriwal.

Rouse Avenue Court also accepted Kejriwal’s request to bring his mattress, pillow, and quilt to the jail.

Six people are allowed to meet him.

As per the rules, any prisoner in jail can give the names of 10 people whom he wants to meet while in jail. Kejriwal has so far given the names of only six people to the jail administration. The rule also says that whatever name is given by the prisoner, he can get it changed later as per his wish.

Kejriwal has given the jail administration a list of six people who can meet him under the law. In this, the names of wife Sunita, son Pulkit-daughter Harshita, private secretary Bibhav Kumar, AAP general secretary Sandeep Pathak, and a friend are named.

The remaining accused are lodged in different jails in Tihar.

Manish Sisodia is in jail number one in this Tihar. Sanjay Singh is lodged in jail number five. Satyendra Jain is lodged in jail number seven, while Kavita is in jail number six. Vijay Nair is lodged in jail number 4. From today on, jail number two is the new address of Arvind Kejriwal for the next 14 days. Tihar Jail is considered to be the biggest jail not only in the country but in all of Southeast Asia. Many dreaded prisoners of the country are lodged in Tihar Jail. These prisoners include dangerous terrorists, underworld dons, and many notorious gangsters.

Third Time in Jail

Earlier, Kejriwal had been arrested twice and sent to Tihar Jail: the first time in 2012 during the anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare, when he was arrested along with several other protesters and lodged in Jail No. 1. He went to jail the second time in 2014 in the defamation case filed by Nitin Gadkari when he was kept in jail number 4.

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