Annamalai Sails Across The Indian Ocean, Visuals Went Viral

K. Annamalai, is the Lok Sabha candidate from Coimbatore for BJP, and also the state president of Tamil Nadu BJP.

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K. Annamalai is one the most famous personalities in the Indian political spectrum. He has recently been gaining popularity in the state of Tamilnadu and across the nation because of his speeches and vociferous statements. The Lok Sabha elections 2024 are about to start. The elections will take place in 7th stages and the first voting is going to take place on 19th of April. Annamalai is contesting election from the Coimbatore seat and this seat will be covered on the very first voting day, i.e on 19th April.

Just a day prior to the voting a video surfaced on the internet that went instantly viral. In this video we can see a couple of boats sailing across the Indian Ocean and on the Sailcloth of these boats we can see mega posters of Annamalai and a slogan saying ‘Vote for BJP’.

Supporters went crazy

Right after the video of boats carrying the posters of Annamalai surfaced on the internet, the supporters of the political leader started reacting to it and made many fan edits of the same. This video was posted on the social media platform X. You can watch the video by clicking to the following link.

Video link –

Annamalai enjoys a huge fanbase

Annamalai was earlier an IAS officer from Tamilnadu who was also known as the real life Singham. He was very popular in the state because of his bravery and remarkable decision making. However, he chose to quit his job and joined Bharatiya Janata Party to directly contribute to the society and the lives of people of Tamilnadu. Ever since Annamalai has joined politics, he has become an instant hit among the new generation voters and also among the senior citizens.

Annamalai often goes viral for his brilliant speeches, and heart warming public interactions. Annamalai comes off as a generous and a spoken person which the people of Tamilnadu adore. Annamalai through his vision and political promises also insures people of Tamilnadu of a developed future and better living standards. For all these reasons K Annamalai is really popular not only in the state of Tamil Nadu but also across India.

Voting on 19th April

The voting on the seat of Coimbatore is going to take place on 19th April and it will be interesting to see whether K Annamalai is victorious yet again or not. BJP is confident about scoring double digit seats in the state of Tamilnadu. Annamalai has also mentioned that there is an undercurrent in the favour of BJP in the state of Tamilnadu.

Annamalai has recently completed his Yatra across the state of Tamilnadu. in this Yatra Annamalai covered 234 districts of Tamilnadu which in itself is an remarkable achievement and unparalleled to any other political feat in the history of the state.

-Rahul Dubey

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