Azam Khan’s Ominous Utterance Raises Concerns Amidst Jail Transfer

Security Concerns Prompt the Sudden Relocation from Rampur Jail

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Azam Khan’s Ominous Utterance Raises Concerns Amidst Jail Transfer

22nd October 2023,Mumbai: In a recently surfaced video, Azam Khan, a prominent figure in the Samajwadi Party, is heard uttering a troubling statement as he is being transferred to a different jail. Azam Khan expresses concerns about his safety, suggesting that “anything can happen,” even an encounter, during his journey to another facility.

Shifted from Rampur Jail

Azam Khan, along with his son Abdullah Azam, has been moved to separate jails from Rampur, where they were initially incarcerated. This sudden relocation has raised questions about the reasons behind it. Azam Khan’s apprehensions about his safety seem to be the driving force behind this decision.

Uncertainty Surrounding Azam Khan’s Whereabouts

The video capturing Azam Khan’s statement does not reveal the precise destination of his transfer. This lack of information has fueled speculation and concerns about his safety and well-being during the move. The uncertainty adds to the overall intrigue surrounding the situation.

Security Concerns Prompt Relocation

Rampur’s Additional SP Sansar Singh has cited security reasons as the primary motivation for transferring Azam Khan from Rampur jail. These concerns highlight the volatile nature of the situation and the need to ensure Azam Khan’s safety while in custody.

Early Morning Transfer

Azam Khan and his son Abdullah Azam left Rampur jail early in the morning, around 4.40 am, and reached their respective destinations by approximately 9 am. The timing of this move adds an element of secrecy and urgency to the entire situation, leaving many questions unanswered.

Conviction in Fake Birth Certificate Case

The reason for Azam Khan’s imprisonment stems from a conviction in a fake birth certificate case. A court in Uttar Pradesh found Azam Khan, his wife Tanzeem Fatima, and their son Abdullah Azam guilty in this case. All three individuals were sentenced to seven years in jail and fined ₹15,000 each.

Multiple Birth Certificates

The fake certificate case revolved around Abdullah Azam Khan, who was found to possess two birth certificates with conflicting birth dates. The case was initiated after a complaint was filed by Akash Saxena, leading to a comprehensive investigation. The court’s judgment revealed that Azam Khan’s first birth certificate stated his birthdate as January 1, 1993, while the second certificate, issued in Lucknow, showed his birthdate as September 30, 1990.

Supreme Court Involvement

On September 26, the Supreme Court referred the matter to the District Judge of Muradabad to resolve the issue of Azam Khan’s correct date of birth. This determination is crucial for addressing the legal questions at hand, particularly in relation to juvenility.

Relevance of Correct Birthdate

The Supreme Court emphasized the importance of establishing Azam Khan’s correct birthdate to properly adjudicate the case. This factor has implications for determining various legal aspects, including questions related to juvenility, which require a definitive birthdate for the petitioner, Azam Khan.

 Azam Khan’s ominous statement about the possibility of an encounter during his transfer has ignited concerns and discussions. The abrupt relocation from Rampur jail due to security reasons adds an air of mystery to the situation. Additionally, his recent conviction in the fake birth certificate case, which revolves around conflicting birth dates, has further complicated the legal landscape. The involvement of the Supreme Court to ascertain the correct birthdate underlines the significance of this issue in the ongoing legal proceedings.

-by Kashvi Gala

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