Clash of Titans in Chhattisgarh – Baghel Hits Back at Modi’s Allegations

Chhattisgarh’s Chief Minister and PM Modi Engage in Intense Verbal Battle over Reservations and Corruption Charges.

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Clash of Titans in Chhattisgarh – Baghel Hits Back at Modi’s Allegations

14th November 2023, Mumbai: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister, Bhupesh Baghel, launched a scathing response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent remarks, addressing a spectrum of issues from reservations to allegations of corruption related to the Mahadev betting app. This exchange of verbal blows reflects the intense political climate in the lead-up to the Chhattisgarh assembly elections.

Baghel’s Counterattack on Modi’s Accusations

Baghel, not mincing his words, accused PM Modi of making false allegations and abusing his position during his visit to Chhattisgarh. Emphasizing his own OBC background, Baghel challenged the Prime Minister to face questions about the issues raised. He criticized Modi’s reluctance to conduct a caste census and asserted that criticism is directed at the PM’s post, not a specific individual.

PM Modi’s Accusations on Reservation and Corruption

PM Modi, in his accusations against the Congress, particularly targeted the party’s failure to implement reservations for the OBC community despite being in power for an extended period after Independence. Additionally, he raised corruption charges related to the ‘Mahadev betting app scam,’ demanding transparency from the Congress regarding funds received by Baghel in connection to the scandal.

Baghel’s Defence and Allegations Against BJP

Baghel countered Modi’s claims, labeling him as the “biggest liar” when it comes to searching for falsehoods. He dismissed the accusations as mere political maneuvers and suggested that the BJP is involved in the Mahadev betting app dealings. Baghel accused the Prime Minister of resorting to “jumlebaazi” (rhetoric) and questioned the credibility of Modi’s statements regarding rice procurement from Chhattisgarh.

Election Dynamics: November 7 Polls and Anticipation for November 17

With polling already underway in 20 out of Chhattisgarh’s 90 assembly seats on November 7, the political battleground is heating up. The remaining 70 seats are scheduled for voting on November 17, intensifying the political drama in the state. The clash between Baghel and Modi adds an extra layer of complexity to the electoral landscape.

Modi’s Claim of Bursting Congress’ ‘Balloon of Lies’

PM Modi declared that the first phase of voting has exposed the ‘balloon of lies’ woven by the Congress, expressing confidence that the people of Chhattisgarh will teach the party a lesson. This assertion sets the tone for an intense political showdown as both major parties vie for public support in the remaining phases of the elections.

Baghel’s Retort: Modi as the Face of Deceit

In response to Modi’s claims, Baghel retorted that if one searches for the biggest liar, PM Modi’s face would emerge. He characterized Modi’s statements as part of an ongoing strategy until November 17, suggesting that the Prime Minister uses investigative agencies like the Enforcement Directorate (ED) to deflect attention. Baghel dismissed Modi’s assertions about rice procurement as nothing more than political rhetoric.

The Verbal Sparring Continues

As Chhattisgarh inches closer to the remaining phases of assembly elections, the war of words between Bhupesh Baghel and Narendra Modi shows no signs of abating. The accusations and counterattacks reflect the high-stakes nature of the political contest in the state, where both leaders seek to sway public opinion in their favor. The coming days will determine not only the political fate of Chhattisgarh but also the impact of these verbal duels on voters’ perceptions.

-by Kashvi Gala

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