Congress Wants To Take Away The Rights Of Your Children, Says PM Modi

Prime Minister Modi while attending a public gathering in Surguja, Chhattisgarh, bashed the Congress’ manifesto.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi commented on Sam Pitroda’s statement on ‘inheritance tax’ on Wednesday. The Prime Minister was attending a public gathering in Surguja district of Chhattisgarh. PM Modi was along with the chief minister of the state.

PM Modi targeted Congress’s remarks. The PM said that Congress wants to snatch the rights of your children. PM also strongly opposed Congress on the issue of reservation. The PM said that Congress is doing vote bank politics. The Prime Minister addressed public meetings in Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh and Sagar-Baitul, Madhya Pradesh.

Congress is hungry for vote bank

World addressing the public the Prime Minister Narendra Modi set that the opposition and Congress are hungry for vote bank. Adding to his statement the Prime Minister said that Congress will go to any extent in order to get votes and to satisfy their voter base even at the cost of the nation. Prime Minister Modi said that Congress wants to implement reservation on the basis of religion in the country. He said that Congress wants to grab the property of the people, and wants to use the money and wealth earned by the common man for its own use. Congress wants to snatch it from them and distribute it among those people who have more children.

Congress’s intentions are revealed

In the rally in Ambikapur, the Prime Minister said that the intentions of the Congress are coming to the fore. Their leaders are saying that the middle class people of the country should be taxed as much as possible on the hard work they earn. Now these people have gone one step further, now Congress is saying that it wants to impose inheritance tax. Congress will also impose tax on inheritance received from parents.

Your Children will be under a burden

While addressing the people, the Prime Minister said that whatever wealth you create with your hard work, whatever money you earn and save for your children, your children will not get it. He further said that the claws of Congress will snatch away its property from you and your children. Modi said that as long as you are alive, Congress will collect maximum taxes and when you are no more, it will collect taxes on the entire inheritance left by you from your children. In this way the legacy you leave behind will become a burden to your children.

What did Sam Pitroda Say?

Shyam Pitroda, in a virtual conversation with a news agency from Chicago, had said that there is a system of inheritance tax in America, which means that if someone has property worth 100 million dollars, then their children will get only 45% of it, 55% will be taken by the government as tax. If further said that this is an interesting law which says that you can earn property and money while you are alive but when you die you will have to leave all of that for the general public.

Congress distanced itself from Sam’s statement

After the uproar over Pitroda’s statement, Congress defended itself. Congress National General Secretary Jairam Ramesh said that this is Sam’s personal statement and the party has nothing to do with it. His words are being sensationalized to divert attention from the Prime Minister’s malicious and hate-filled election campaign.

-Rahul Dubey

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