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Rajasthan Congress Leaders Jump Ship, Join BJP Ahead of Elections!

10th November 2023, Mumbai: As the countdown to the Rajasthan legislative assembly

Madhya Pradesh Congress Faces Turmoil Over OBC Representation

21st October 2023,Mumbai: Damodar Singh’s Fiery Protest In a surprising turn of

The Changing Political Landscape in Chhattisgarh: Congress May Drop 25 MLAs With Bad Image

15th October 2023, Mumbai: The political scenario in Chhattisgarh, the Congress party

Shashi Tharoor Calls for a Comprehensive Perspective on Israel-Hamas Conflict

11th October 2023,Mumbai: Hamas launched a massive attack on Israel, marking the

BJP Accuses Congress of Naxalite Ties in Chhattisgarh

26th September 2023,Mumbai: The political landscape in Chhattisgarh has heated up as

PM Modi Warns Against Congress Return in Madhya Pradesh

25th September 2023,Mumbai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during a speech at the

Rahul Gandhi Criticizes “One Nation, One Election” Proposal

Rahul Gandhi, a prominent Indian politician, has voiced strong opposition to the

Rahul Gandhi Plans European Tour Amid G20 Summit

29 August 2023, Mumbai: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is expected to embark