Modi Ki Guarantee Is The Only Guarantee In Kalyuga, says BJP’s New Campaign Ad

The social media handle of Bharatiya Janata Party launched a new video campaign for the Lok Sabha Elections 2024.

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The Bharatiya Janata Party is promoting its 10 years of works to its full potential. PM Modi has said this so many times that his party is going to have a target of 370 + seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. BJP seems confident of the target and has come up with many video campaigns to support their goal.

Recently the social media page of Bharatiya Janata Party posted a video in which they claim that Modi ki guarantee is the only guarantee in the time of Kalyug. The supporters of PM Modi really like this video and are appreciating the creative approach behind it. On the other hand the critics of BJP and PM Modi are saying that all of these videos and campaigns are not going to save Narendra Modi from losing the upcoming elections as his government has failed to deliver in the last 10 years of their regime.

What is the video campaign all about?

In the video recently posted by BJP and its Instagram handle, we can see a couple of women sitting in an ornament shop where one of the ladies is showing her golden bangles to the shopkeepers. The lady tells them that whenever she wears those golden bangles everybody keeps looking at her. She moves on to say that her bangles are pure gold. Replying to her statement the shopkeeper who was checking the quality of bangles says that the bangles are not made of pure gold instead they are made of copper. The lady gets an instant expression of shock to which another man at the shop comments that in this Kalyuga we cannot take a guarantee of anything. He says that there is only one guarantee in the time of Kalyug and that is the guarantee of Modi. The man further says that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the only one in this time who is working 24/7 for the betterment of common people of the nation and has the aim for the year 2047.

The particular advertisement by Bhartiya Janata Party focus is on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s promise of making India a developed nation by 2047 when it will complete 100 years of independence. PM Modi says that he is working 24/7 along with his team to achieve this target.

Not the first video campaign

PM Narendra Modi led Bharatiya Janata Party has been consistently claiming their target of 400 seats in the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. This is certainly not going to be easy and to achieve this target BJP has been working not only on the ground but also on the digital platforms. Before this video that we told you about BJP has already launched several other videos from its social media handles.

The first video was regarding the inability of parties in India alliance to select a prime minister face. Another video by BJP pointed out that mini leaders of the opposition are induced in corruption cases and are not honest in their work and their not capable of working for the nation and the common people.

-Rahul Dubey

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