“They who are opposing electoral bonds will regret it,”  says PM Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has finally expressed his views on the electoral bond issue.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given the first major statement on electoral bonds. It has been emphasized from their side that whoever is opposing it will definitely regret it one day. It has even been said that shortcomings can be overcome; nothing is ever perfect. Now this statement assumes significance because, till now, there has been no response from the PM on the electoral bond controversy.

PM Modi has now spoken in detail on this issue in an interview. He said that whoever is opposing electoral bonds at this time will definitely regret it. The situation before 2014 was such that during elections there was no trace of where political parties were getting funds. But because of electoral bonds, the entire source of funding for the parties was known. I agree that nothing is perfect, but shortcomings can be overcome with time.

Confident about Victory

PM Modi not only expressed his views on electoral bonds but also talked in detail about Mission 400 Plus. In the interview, PM Modi said that the public has already decided that this time it will go to 400 plus. Everyone wants political stability; he knows the importance of his vote. It is because of this vote that today the poor are getting food and every health benefit.

For your information, let us tell you that Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the BJP’s election campaign from Meerut on Sunday. From his side, maximum focus has been on the issue of corruption. He has bluntly said that action will be taken against every corrupt person, and this is Modi’s guarantee.

Hit Back at the Opposition

With the announcement of Lok Sabha elections, politics regarding electoral bonds is also becoming intense. After the order of the Supreme Court, the State Bank of India provided complete information to the Election Commission, after which the data was also made public. Many opposition parties have also raised questions about the donations received by political parties through election bonds. Now Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has hit back at the opposition on this issue.

PM Modi said in an interview with a private channel on Sunday that those who oppose electoral bonds will soon regret it. Before 2014, there was no trace of funds given to political parties during elections. Now we can trace the funding to parties through electoral bonds. While thanking the electoral bonds, the PM said that nothing is perfect; the shortcomings can be removed.

The public has decided Mission-400: PM

PM Modi said that the people of the country have decided on Mission 400. People have now realized the importance of political stability and the power of their vote. It is their vote that provides food and health benefits to the poor. For me, every work is top; I have considered every work very important; no work has been considered small. Even the smallest countries in the world are considered as important as the big ones. Therefore, today, India’s identity in the world has become that of Vishwabandhu.

-Rahul Dubey

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