“why we have to pay so much to go Maldives when we have Lakshadweep and Andaman,” says Radhika Gupta, MD and CEO, of Edelweiss Mutual Fund

The Maldives government banned three deputy ministers on Sunday for making disparaging remarks about Prime Minister Modi and India, following a fierce backlash.

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Adding to the controversy surrounding the tweets of the Maldives government’s now-suspended deputy ministers, who made derogatory remarks about Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India in general following the PM’s endorsement of Lakshadweep as a tourist destination, Indian business leaders questioned why Indian tourists “pay so much” for the island nation, considering that places like Lakshadweep and Andaman are located within the country.

Big names pointing out how we should promote the Indian Islands

 tweet, “I am obsessed with the potential of Indian tourism…the answer is (1) infrastructure and (2) marketing. The PM’s recent visit has put the spotlight on these destinations. Our hotel brands have shown us time and again that we know how to do luxury like no one else. Let’s take the best of Indian hospitality to build a world class tourism experience,” Radhika Gupta, MD and CEO, Edelweiss Mutual Fund, posted on X.

Adar Poonawalla, CEO, Serum Institute of India (SII) wrote: “Our country has so many magnificent tourist destinations, with unimaginable potential; yet to be fully explored. Can any of you guess this Indian tourist haven, just from the pictures I’ve posted?”

Actor Karthik Aryan also promoted Indian Island Tourism. His X post read,” Incredible India is not just a tag, our beautiful country has some of the most incredible and stunning locales and #Lakshadweep is an example of it- a heaven like place in India itself!”

Meanwhile, the online travel agency EaseMyTrip declared that it was suspending all reservations for flights to the archipelago.

Maldivian lawmakers also denounced the deputy ministers’ comments.  The comments had offended many Indians, including athletes and performers, to the point where many cancelled their appointments. “In solidarity with our nation, @EasMyTrip has suspended all Maldives flight bookings,” Co-founder and CEO Nishant Pitti stated on the social media platform.

About Lakshadweep Island

A group of 36 coral islands off the coast of Kerala, India, called Lakshadweep are tucked away in the Laccadive Sea and represent a truly tropical paradise. It’s the ideal location for a restorative vacation because of its clear beaches, swaying palm palms, aquamarine waters, and a wealth of marine life. Lakshadweep offers activities for all types of visitors, including nature lovers, water sports enthusiasts, and beach bums.

Modi’s visit to the Island

Narendra Modi visited Lakshwadeep Island recently to promote Indian Island tourism. Modi tweeted, “Recently, I had the opportunity to be among the people of Lakshadweep. I am still in awe of the stunning beauty of its islands and the incredible warmth of its people” He further added in another post,” In addition to the scenic beauty, Lakshadweep’s tranquility is also mesmerising. It gave me an opportunity to reflect on how to work even harder for the welfare of 140 crore Indians.”

By: Gursharan Kaur

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