Gujarat Hosts Largest Pickleball Tournament, Showcasing Abundance of Talent

Over 100 Contestants Compete in State-Level National Tournament

Nidhi Mishra
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  • Record-breaking turnout highlights growing popularity of Pickleball
  • Pickleball’s health benefits and celebrity enthusiasts attract attention
  • Press invited to witness the fastest-growing sport in the world

30th June 2023, Mumbai: Get ready for an exciting event as the Gujarat State Pickleball Association gears up to host the largest pickleball tournament ever witnessed in the state. With over 100 participants, this state-level national tournament is a testament to the growing popularity of the sport and the abundance of talent in Gujarat.

“We are proud of the numbers, we are amazed by the talent, we look forward to each talent that will take our state’s name forward in the Nationals,” says Suryaveer Singh Bhullar, the President of the Gujarat State Pickleball Association. He further adds, “With this massive turnout, we also hope to gain recognition from the Government of Gujarat and the Department of Sports and Youth Affairs.”

The tournament will feature six exciting events, including Singles and Doubles categories for both men and women. The categories include Women’s Open, Boys U-14, Boys U-18, Men’s 19+, Men’s 35+, Men’s 50+, and Open Mixed Doubles. It promises to be a thrilling display of skill, sportsmanship, and fierce competition.

Pickleball, for those uninitiated yet interested, is a sport that has been gaining immense popularity worldwide. Here are some interesting facts about Pickleball:

1. Pickleball players are affectionately known as “PICKLERS.”

2. In 2022, more people played Pickleball than baseball, soccer, and football combined. An astounding 36.5 million individuals chose to play Pickleball, while only 22.6 million preferred tennis.

3. Research conducted by Mayo Clinic suggests that playing Pickleball may promote longer life expectancy, with participants potentially living 6-10 years longer.

4. The sport of Pickleball promotes cardiovascular health and mental agility, thanks to the social interaction and various physical demands it entails.

5. Notable former tennis players, including Andre Agassi, Andy Roddick, John McEnroe, and Michael Chang, are avid “Picklers” and have embraced the sport.

6. Even Bollywood actor Aamir Khan is known to be addicted to Pickleball, having a dedicated court at his house. Interestingly, the scoring in Pickleball starts with 0-0-2.

The Gujarat State Pickleball Association extends a warm invitation to all members of the press to attend the tournament and experience the fastest-growing sport in the world—Pickleball. The matches will take place from 10 am to 8 pm on both Saturday and Sunday, ensuring a weekend full of thrilling sports action and unforgettable moments.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness the incredible talent on display and support the players as they strive to make Gujarat proud in the Nationals. See you at the tournament!

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