Shoaib Malik marries actress Sana Javed after divorce from Sania Mirza

Former Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik wed actor Sana Javed, as there were lingering reports of a possible breakup with his wife, the former Indian tennis player Sania Mirza.

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Malik posted images from what appears to be their wedding ceremony on X, formerly known as Twitter, with the message,” Alhamdulilah… And We created you in pairs.” Sania Mirza had shared a post about her divorce earlier. The post on her story read, “Marriage is hard. Divorce is hard. Choose your hard. Obesity is hard. Being fit is hard. Choose your hard. Being in debt is hard. Being financially disciplined is hard. Choose your hard. Communication is hard. Not communicating is hard. Choose your hard. Life will never be easy. It will always be hard. But we can choose our hard. Pick wisely.”

Malik’s alleged relationship with Javed had been circulating for some time, and when the former captain of Pakistan sent the actress birthday wishes last year, he stoked the rumours even more. The 41-year-old previously defended Javed after the Pyaare Afzal actress faced criticism for allegedly acting rudely towards makeup artists and juniors on the set. “I have known Sana Javed for quite some time now and have had the opportunity to work with her multiple times, from my personal experience I can only say that she has always been kind & courteous towards me & the people around us,” Malik had tweeted back in March 2022.

Sania and Shoaib’s marriage

On both sides of the border, Malik’s wedding post was unexpected given the speculations of his divorce with Mirza. The couple wed in a customary Muslim ceremony in Hyderabad in 2010 and then celebrated their Walima in Sialkot, Pakistan. Izhaan, Malik and Mirza’s kid, was born in 2018.

While there is no knowledge as to how the cracks in their relationship developed, it is believed to have happened sometime around the first half of 2021. Going by their social media presence, Sania and Shoaib would remain active on Instagram, regularly posting pictures and stories of the two of them together – roaming the world and posing on the beaches of Dubai with their kid. However, their movement on social media got limited over time. Last year, reports of Sania and Shoaib coming together for a TV show emerged, which eventually materialized as Spotify presented The Mirza Malik show, where the two of them hosted a bunch of celebrities over 40-minute-long episodes.

It is Malik’s Second marriage

This is Malik’s second marriage as of record. Having said that, the cricket player disputed reports that Malik had wed Ayesha Siddiqui before to his marriage to Sania. Allegations that Malik was already married disrupted his wedding ceremony with Mirza. On national television, Ayesha, her family, and her sister Maha had intensified the situation. Malik himself acknowledged that the entire chapter with Ayesha was a simple case of deception.

Early in 2000, the two spoke on the phone, with Ayesha identifying herself as a fan of Shoaib. Malik acknowledged that as the two spoke frequently, they began to feel something for one another, but Ayesha would never be accessible when Shoaib wanted to meet her. When Malik travelled to Hyderabad in 2002 to meet her, Ayesha informed him that she had to take an immediate flight to Saudi Arabia. Three years later, Malik and his family received the news that Ayesha needed to travel to the United States, the day before they were scheduled to meet the family.

Malik insisted on having a full-fledged ceremony with the families there and able to participate, despite Ayesh’s desire for the cricketer to have a telephone “Nikah.” It turned out that the female he was talking to and the one he had seen pictures of were not the same person. Even though Malik had served the father MA Siddiqui with a legal notice, the story did not end there. Ayesha accused Shoaib of having a “intimate relationship” and made serious accusations against him. Additionally, she stated that during their “marriage,” she became pregnant, but it ended in miscarriage.

By: Gursharan Kaur

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