New Coach of Royal Challengers Bengaluru Andy Flower expects good performance in this year’s IPL

He says RCB's title drought is the main reason behind becoming their coach.

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Last week, the Royal Challengers Bangalore (now Bengaluru) etched their name in history during the second season of the Women’s Premier League. Under the leadership of Smriti Mandhana, the RCB got victory in the final, clinching the trophy against Delhi Capitals and securing the franchise’s maiden trophy. The triumph has not only marked a momentous occasion for the women’s team but also cast a spotlight on the aspirations of the men’s squad. For sixteen seasons, the men’s team are waiting for their maiden trophy.

WPL Champions RCB

As the women’s team basks in the glory of their triumph, the eyes are on Faf du Plessis’ men as they aim at joining Mandhana’s side in ending RCB’s trophy less  streak. For the team’s head coach, Andy Flower, the opportunity to work with Royal Challengers Bengaluru represents more than just a coaching assignment; it is a chance for him to guide the team towards their maiden IPL trophy that they are waiting since first season.

In a recent conversation, Flower spoke in detail about becoming the coach of RCB

Challenge as a Coach

“I’m really excited about that challenge (of joining a side that is yet to win an IPL title),” Flower says. “It is one of the main reasons I wanted to take this job. It gives me a very exciting opportunity to see if we can do something special with RCB. We have got a really exciting group of players. I think our squad is strong. We have got some great experience in the dressing room,” says the RCB coach further.

He was with LSG

Flower, who has previously coached the Lucknow Super Giants in the league, understands that success in the IPL is not solely determined by individual brilliance but by the cohesive fabric of team culture. As he assumes the reins of Royal Challengers Bengaluru, Flower’s focus lies on cultivating a team ethos grounded in shared purpose.

All-rounders are very important

“All-rounders, we think, are going to play a really important part in the tournament. The opportunity of winning a tournament is right there in front of us, but my personal view of taking on a challenge like that is always simplifying the route,” says Flower.

Will play attacking brand of cricket

“We want to play a type of game that we will be proud of. We will attack the game, and that will give us a really good chance of getting through to playoffs. Once you get through, then you’ve got a good chance at the title. So, there are steps along the way that we must take.”

Focussed on the job

Our attitude to training, our determination to do well, how we come together as a group with a united purpose… these are the things that will determine how we enjoy the season together. So, I think simplifying and chunking down the challenges in front is a really important process for us,” says the RCB coach.

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