What are 5 Demands of Priyanka Gandhi?

Priyanka Gandhi put forward many demands before the Election Commission and targeted BJP regarding electoral bonds.

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India Alliance held a grand meeting at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi. In this meeting, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi targeted BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On this occasion, she told the importance of Ramayana. While saying this, she also shared a memory with his grandmother Indira Gandhi.

General Assembly of India Alliance  was held today in Ramlila Maidan, Delhi. Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi gave a rousing speech in this meeting. In his speech, she made 5 important demands to the Election Commission. She also targeted the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi by giving the example of Ramayana. “I have been asked to read the five-point demands of the India Alliance . Before that I want to tell you a little story. As Delhiites know, Ramlila is a famous ground in Delhi. I have been coming here since childhood. Every year on the day of Dussehra, an effigy of Ravana is burnt here in this very ground. When I was a child, my grandmother used to come with Indira. She was sitting at his feet and watching. She told me the ancient saga of his country Ramayana. Those who are in power today consider themselves as Ram devotees. So when this matter came to me while sitting here, they should say something in this regard”, said Priyanka Gandhi.

What did Priyanka Say?

Priyanka in her viral speech said, “I think I am busy with rituals. I think I got caught up in the scene. So I want to come here today and remind them what that saga was thousands of years ago and what its message was. Lord Rama had no power when he fought for truth. They had no resources. They didn’t even have a chariot. Chariots, resources were close to Ravana. The army was near Ravana. Ravana had gold. He was living in golden Lanka. Lord Rama had truth, hope, faith, love, benevolence, modesty, patience, courage”.

“I would like to remind all members of the government sitting in power, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, what was the message of Rama’s life story? Power does not last forever. Power comes and goes. Ego collapses one day. This was the message of Shri Ram and his life”, said Priyanka Gandhi.

The five demands of Priyanka Gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi read out these five demands of India Alliance:

  1. The Election Commission of India should ensure equal opportunity in Lok Sabha elections.
  2.  Coercive action by the investigative agencies like Income Tax, ED, CBI against the opposition parties with the aim of rigging the elections by the Election Commission should be stopped.
  3. Hemant Soren, and Arvind Kejriwal should be released immediately
  4. Financial strangulation of opposition parties during the election period should be stopped immediately.
  5. An SIT should be constituted under the supervision of the Supreme Court to probe the allegations of extortion, extortion and money laundering by the BJP using elections.

Important to remind them Ramayana

Along with these demands, Priyanka Gandhi said that in her childhood she witnessed many Ramlilas at Ramlila Maidan with her grandmother Indira Gandhi and Indira Gandhi told her about the life of Lord Ram and his message. . She said,“Those who are in power today call themselves Ram devotees. I think they have got entangled in rituals and indulged in show off. Therefore, it is important to remind them what was the thousands-year-old saga.”

-Rahul Dubey

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