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Sach Industries, founded in 2017 by Santosh Singh and Chandan Singh, is a leading manufacturer of cleaning products. Their registered brands, Dr. Cleanee, Mr. Best, and Mr. Special, offer a comprehensive range of cleaning solutions including handwash, dishwash, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, and liquid air freshener. Their flagship product, D-5 Liquid Air Freshener, stands out as their best-selling item, providing long-lasting freshness for up to 8 hours. Sach Industries’ products cater to diverse sectors, ensuring superior quality and effectiveness in cleaning and maintaining hygienic environments.

Company NameSach industries
Also Known asN/A
IndustryCleaning products Manufacturing
FoundersSantosh Singh & Chandan Singh
HeadquartersMumbai, India
Area ServedPAN India
RevenueINR 5-10 crore
Net IncomeN/A
Number of Employees20+

Sach Industries was established in 2017 by Santosh Singh and Chandan Singh, who had previously worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over five years. Both Santosh and Chandan attended Oxford High School in Mumbai together, fostering a bond that eventually led them to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. Drawing from their experience in the pharma sector and their shared educational background, they founded Sach Industries and introduced their flagship brands: Dr. Cleanee, Mr. Best, and Mr. Special, all registered trademarks of the company. This history of professional experience and shared education provided the foundation for Sach Industries, guiding Santosh and Chandan as they ventured into the cleaning product market with a commitment to quality and innovation.

Sach Industries offers a comprehensive range of cleaning products under their flagship brands: Dr. Cleanee, Mr. Best, and Mr. Special. Their products cater to a diverse clientele, including hospitals, 5-star hotels, facility managements, pharmaceutical industries, institutions, and more. Among their offerings are handwash, dishwash, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, and liquid air freshener.

The products are specially formulated to meet the rigorous standards of cleanliness demanded by industries such as healthcare, hospitality, and facility management.

With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Sach Industries ensures that their products not only meet but exceed expectations. Their dedication to quality control and continuous improvement allows them to consistently deliver top-notch cleaning solutions to their clients. Whether it’s maintaining hygiene in hospitals or enhancing the cleanliness of hotels, Sach Industries’ products are trusted by a wide range of customers for their reliability and performance.

The founders of Sach Industries are Santosh Singh and Chandan Singh. Both of them completed their schooling from Oxford High School in Mumbai. After completing their education, both Santosh and Chandan gained over 5 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. This exposure instilled in them an understanding of maintaining meticulous hygiene and cleanliness practices.

Combining their complementary skills and insights from the pharma sector, Santosh and Chandan established Sach Industries in 2017. They developed a range of superior cleaning products under the brands Dr. Cleanee, Mr. Best, and Mr. Special, leveraging their knowledge of quality formulations.


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