Housing Crisis in Canada: Canada Announces Two Year Cap on New Student Permits

In order to alleviate the housing problem and safeguard students from underfunded universities, Canada has announced a two-year limit on international student permits.

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Every year hundreds of students go to Canada to study and work. Indian Students are the most in number over there. Canada Will Set a One-Third Cap on International Student Permits

Students pursuing master’s and doctorate degrees are exempt from the cap. According to the country’s immigration minister, Canada will temporarily reduce the number of new international student visas by one-third this year compared to 2023.

The goal of the policy is partially to reduce the rapidly rising demand for social services and accommodation, since the number of international students is expected to triple in the next ten years.

364,000 international students will be granted study permits this year

Under the cap, it is anticipated that 364,000 international students will be granted study permits this year, which represents a net reduction of 35% from 2023. At year’s end, the 2025 restriction will be evaluated. It is intended that the cap “enhance programme integrity, prepare international students for success..”

The immigration ministry said in an official statement that the two-year cap is anticipated to lead to about 360,000 issued study permits in 2024, a fall of 35% from the previous year.

According to a Reuters story, Immigration Minister Marc Miller stated that the federal government would collaborate with the provinces, who are in charge of the school system, to implement the cap.

According to him, the primary goals of the cap are to safeguard college students—many of whom attend private-public universities that offer subpar services at exorbitant prices—and to relieve the strain on housing and other services.

Speaking to media persons, Miller said, “Some private institutions have taken advantage of international students by operating under-resourced campuses, lacking support for students and charging high tuition fees, all the while significantly increasing their intake of international students.”

“This increase is also putting pressure on housing, healthcare and other services. Fewer numbers would primarily help lower rent prices,” he told reporters as quoted by Reuters.

Does this affect PM Justine Trudeau?

Rapid population growth spurred by immigration has increased housing costs and placed pressure on public services like healthcare and education. Polls show that if an election were held today, Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would lose. These problems have eroded support for Trudeau.

The third quarter of last year saw a greater rate of population growth, with non-permanent residents (mainly students) accounting for 312,758 of that growth, the highest level in more than 50 years.

The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA), a student advocacy group, criticized the cap.

CASA Director of Advocacy, Mateusz Salmassi said,” “The biggest problem is that … there’s been announced a cap that is a reaction to the housing crisis. What is needed is more support and housing for international students.” The changes are “focused on addressing abuses in the system by particular actors and are not intended to adversely impact universities such as ours,” the university said in a statement.

By: Gursharan Kaur

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