How Israeli Aircraft Captured Hundreds Of Iranian Missiles And Drones

More than 300 drones and missiles were fired by Iran against Israel on Saturday; the Israeli army intercepted the majority.

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Israel released a video today demonstrating how it stopped Iran’s first-ever attack on Israeli territory, which involved hundreds of missiles and drones being fired.

What did it mean?

Iran launched an unusual but impending attack tonight in retaliation for an alleged Israeli bombing on its Damascus embassy compound on April 1 that claimed the lives of Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps officers.

Israel’s take:

The Israeli army reported that Iran had fired over 300 missiles and drones at Israel. But with assistance from the US, Jordan, Britain, and other friends, the army said that 99% of them were stopped before they entered Israeli land.
“A 99% interception rate looks like this. Israel Defence Forces shared a video on X with the comment, “Operational footage from the Aerial Defence System protecting the Israeli airspace.”
According to the Israeli military, Iran fired some 170 drones, 30 cruise missiles, and 120 ballistic missiles at Israel.

Israel’s Essential Air Defence System, Iron Dome

With the launch of Iron Dome in 2011, Israel has been able to intercept missiles thanks to this vital air defence system.
The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has largely depended on the Iron Dome to shield Israeli communities from periodic rocket assaults launched from Gaza and Lebanon.
With a range of up to 70 km, it is intended to intercept short-range rockets as part of Israel’s multi-tiered missile defence systems.
Israel possesses additional missile defence systems, such as David’s Sling, which defends against medium-range rocket or missile attacks, and Arrow, which deters ballistic missiles.

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