The Assassin Of Sarabjit Singh Was Killed In Pakistan By Unidentified Gunmen.

According to a police official on Saturday, Pakistani officials are looking into the death of a guy who may have been involved in a deadly attack on an Indian person who was detained for espionage more than ten years ago.

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The investigation was launched months after Pakistan claimed to have solid evidence connecting two Indian agents to the deaths of two Pakistanis in Pakistan last year, accusing India’s intelligence service of taking part in the arbitrary executions of its people.

A little into the file

Amir Tamba was a man who passed away on Saturday in Lahore, in eastern Pakistan. He was one of the people suspected of killing Indian native Sarabjit Singh, who was executed in 1991 after being found guilty of spying in Pakistan.
However, Singh passed away in 2013 following an attack by other prisoners at a Lahore jail. Tensions between the two nuclear-armed rivals in South Asia increased as a result of his fate.
Tamba was charged but not found guilty of any role in Singh’s demise.
Tamba was shot by gunmen who broke into his home, according to Ali Nasir Rizvi, the deputy inspector general of police in Lahore. Riding a motorbike, they rode off. When officials from Pakistan’s army and intelligence agency arrived, they took Tamba’s body and transported it to the Combined Military Hospital in the city.
Although Rizvi stated that a lawsuit had been filed against unnamed attackers, he provided no more details regarding the case, including any potential reasons for the attack.

Other suspicions

The death of Tamba received very little media attention in Pakistan. Indian media, however, broke the news of the shooting right away. The Indian government did not respond right away.
Due to Singh’s involvement in a string of explosions in Lahore and Faisalabad that claimed 14 lives, he was placed under custody in 1990. His relatives claimed he was blameless.
Both the US and Canada accused Indian operatives of being involved in schemes to assassinate people on their territory last year. India called the claim that it was complicit in the Canadian death “absurd.”

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