Makeup Trends 2023 And Tips For Indian Festivals

Latest makeup trends of 2023 with tips on how to incorporate them into your festival makeup.

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2nd November 2023, Mumbai: It’s time to stay updated with the latest makeup trends by incorporating these trends into your makeup looks for Indian festivals, Let’s explore the hottest makeup trends of 2023 and provide you with expert tips on how to incorporate them into your festival makeup.

1. Au Naturel with a Twist:

One of the standout trends for 2023 is the “Au Naturel” look, which emphasizes enhancing your natural beauty. To incorporate this trend into your festival makeup, focus on flawless skin with minimal foundation. Highlight your features with soft, earthy tones and opt for nude or soft pink lip shades. This understated elegance is perfect for daytime festivals.

2. Shimmering Eyes:

Shimmering eyes are making a grand entrance this year. Sparkling eyeshadows and glittery liners are the go-to choices. For festivals, experiment with metallic and jewel tones for a bold and captivating look. Don’t forget to use an eyeshadow primer to make the shimmer last all day and night.

3. Graphic Liner:

2023 is all about bold, graphic eyeliner styles. You can incorporate this trend into your festival makeup by experimenting with dramatic winged liners, geometric shapes, or even colored eyeliners. The key is precision and creativity, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

4. Monochromatic Makeup:

The monochromatic makeup trend focuses on using a single color for your eyes, lips, and cheeks. For Indian festivals, this look can be a powerful statement. Choose a bold shade that complements your outfit and skin tone. This harmonious approach creates a stunning and unified appearance.

5. Blushing Cheeks:

Rosy cheeks are back in style for 2023. To make this trend festival-ready, opt for a radiant blush that gives your cheeks a healthy flush. A touch of shimmer on the cheekbones adds a luminous glow. This look pairs wonderfully with traditional Indian attire.

6. Glossy Lips:

Glossy lips are in vogue once again. To create a festival-ready look, choose lip glosses with long-lasting formulas. Opt for vibrant and festive colors to make a statement. Remember to exfoliate your lips for a smooth application.

7. High-Shine Skin:

Dewy, high-shine skin is a trend that continues to reign supreme. Use a luminous primer and highlighter to achieve a radiant complexion. For festivals, this look pairs beautifully with traditional ethnic wear.


As we step into 2023, these makeup trends are poised to set the stage for Indian festival looks. Whether you prefer an understated, natural appearance or a bold, dramatic statement, there’s a trend for everyone. Remember that makeup trends are meant to inspire and enhance your personal style, so feel free to adapt them to your preferences. Embrace the year ahead with confidence and style, and make every festival memorable with your stunning makeup looks.


Q1: What are some of the latest makeup looks of 2023 that I can try for special occasions?

Answer: In 2023, some of the latest makeup looks include the “Au Naturel” look that emphasizes natural beauty, shimmering eyes with metallic and glittery shades, and graphic eyeliner styles. These looks are perfect for special occasions like Indian festivals.

Q2: Are there simple makeup trends in 2023 that I can easily incorporate into my daily routine?

Answer: Yes, 2023 features the “Au Naturel” look, which is simple and emphasizes enhancing your natural features. It’s a great choice for daily makeup. Additionally, monochromatic makeup, with a single color for eyes, lips, and cheeks, can be a straightforward and stylish choice for any day.

Q3: What are the eye makeup trends for 2023, and how can I make my eyes stand out during festivals?

Answer: Eye makeup trends in 2023 include shimmering eyes with sparkling eyeshadows, graphic eyeliner styles, and bold, high-impact eyeshadows. To make your eyes stand out during festivals, experiment with these trends, using metallic and jewel tones, bold winged liners, and vibrant eyeshadows that complement your festive attire.

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