“Pornstars get the most respect in our country”, says Kangana

Kangana said that porn stars are given respect in our country more than anywhere else. She said Sunny Leone is an example.

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Bollywood’s famous actress Kangana Ranaut is going to contest Lok Sabha elections 2024 from her home district Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. She often remains in controversy regarding her statements. In the year 2020, he had made objectionable remarks about veteran Hindi cinema actress Urmila Matondkar. He called Urmila a soft porn star. There is a lot of discussion going on about this at the moment. Now Kangana has given another statement on this, for which she is again being criticized. Now, while clarifying the porn star statement, he has dragged Sunny Leone’s name.

What was the matter?

In a recent interview on national media, Kangana had said that Urmila made fun of her struggle in her interview. Kangana had called Urmila a soft porn star and said that Urmila was trying to woo BJP for the ticket. She further said if she could get the ticket then why couldn’t Kangana? There was a lot of debate between the two on social media regarding this matter.

Now that Kangana is going to contest the Lok Sabha elections, this old statement of hers is becoming increasingly viral. Kangana talked about this at the Times Now Summit, “Is soft porn star an objectionable word? No. It is not an objectionable word. It is a word which is not socially acceptable.”

While clarifying her statement on Urmila, Kangana said a big thing by taking the name of Sunny Leone. He said, “The respect that porn stars get in our country, ask Sunny Leone, no one in the whole world can get that much respect.”

Kangana got trolled for her statement

Whatever statement Kangana is giving regarding contesting the Lok Sabha elections, she is being trolled for it. Surreal demands to boycott her are also being raised by many people on the social media. When she dragged Sunny Leone’s name in the recent interview on Times Now, fans trolled her, and called her out for her unwanted statements that make no sense and which she can easily avoid. The video of her statements gets viral on social media platforms and creates unnecessary controversies.

‘I have never done item numbers in my life’: Kangana

Kangana Ranaut while clarifying her statement said- “I have never done item numbers in my life. I have made a name and position for myself on the basis of my acting. I had said at that time that if Urmila ji can get a ticket through her filmography, then my art is very different and better than hers. I can easily get tickets on the basis of my art.”

She called out objectionable songs

Kangana further said- I don’t understand what problem people have with a term like soft porn star. You go and ask Sunny Leone. Probably no one else gets the respect he gets. Words like porn star are simply not accepted here, that’s the whole point.

You see, in our songs, words like Sheela Ki Jawani, Tandoori Murgi (an excerpt from the song Fevicol from Dabangg 3) are used for women. Why doesn’t anyone have a problem with this?

-Rahul Dubey

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