Suchitra Krishnamoorthi talks about the current scenario of “Orry Culture” in Bollywood

Kabhi HAAN Kabhi Naa actress shares her concerns about the ongoing “Orry Culture” in Bollywood

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Actress Suchitra Krishnamoorthi who is known for her role in “Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa” with Shahrukh Khan expresses how the culture in the film industry is becoming superficial and dangerous. She says that today the media and the people only care about the popularity, expensive dresses, and looks of the celebs instead of their talents and achievements. Today everyone is focusing too much on how much the actors’ clothes cost and their other lifestyle-related content rather than their inherent talents and abilities. She wants the media to talk more about the struggles of so many self-made actors and their stories instead of their clothes and accessories.

She calls the film industry “a ticketed zoo”

According to Suchitra, the film industry has turned into a ticketed zoo where people only come to see the celebrities’ looks and lifestyles. Visibility is being prioritized over talent and success is very closely tied to how popular the person is or how many followers they have on social media. She calls out the trends and fake scenarios that have gripped the minds of people today where only being famous matters. Talent and originality have sadly taken a backseat. “To flaunt other people’s labels that reek of a price tag, to do it because it a status symbol and it what the other rich do in my view reeks of insecurity and a lack of individuality. Cowardice.,” she writes on her social media post.

Her take on the “Orry culture”

Suchitra shared an anecdote on how his friend pointed out that just clicking pictures with celebrities doesn’t make you one. Her take on this current scenario is rather true and very important for the audience as well as the media because it is we who make the brand culture propagate. She points out that it is the responsibility of the media to take on this lesson and stop focusing on the external persona of celebrities all the time. “And of how irresponsible our mainstram media has also become, that propogates this  flamboyant extravagance circus( all paid ofcourse) where they chose to highlight the price of an isha ambanis or alia bhats dress rather than the achievements of an olympian or social worker or even a self made hard-working entrepreneur”, she writes.

We need a social cultural and economic mindset reset

Suchitra says that we need a new social-cultural mindset where we start looking at people’s talents and their abilities rather than the superficial elements of their lives. There is this trend of spending on brands and chasing the vogue lifestyle to flaunt on social media which is highly destructive for society.

By: Gursharan Kaur

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