Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Pathaan’ Soars: Breaks Records, Claims #1 Spot in North America

"Yash Raj Films' 'Pathaan' achieves an unprecedented feat, securing the top position at the North American box office, surpassing 'Avatar: The Way of Water.'"

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2 January 2024, Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan’s stardom reaches new heights as his film “Pathaan” achieves an unprecedented feat in North America. Released on January 25, 2023, amidst tough competition, the Yash Raj Films production secures the #1 spot at the domestic box office, surpassing James Cameron’s “Avatar: The Way of Water.” With an opening day earning of $1.50 million, “Pathaan” not only breaks records but becomes the sole Indian film to achieve this distinction in 2023.

Pathaan’s Record-Breaking Opening Day Performance

On its opening day, “Pathaan” demonstrates its box office prowess by earning $1.50 million in North America. This remarkable achievement propels the film to the coveted position of the top-grossing domestic movie, surpassing the competition from “Avatar: The Way of Water,” which earned $1.43 million on the same day (25-01-2023).

Yash Raj Films’ Triumph on the International Stage

The success of “Pathaan” signifies not only Shah Rukh Khan’s individual achievement but also the triumph of Yash Raj Films on the international stage. The Indian production company secures a notable place in the North American box office, showcasing the global appeal and impact of Indian cinema.

Oppenheimer Falls Short, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s Barbie Dominance

Despite the highly anticipated release of Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer,” the film falls short of securing the #1 spot for the highest-grossing single day during its entire runtime. Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s “Barbie” maintain dominance, preventing “Oppenheimer” from achieving this specific milestone in the competitive landscape of the North American box office.

Pathaan’s Unique Distinction in 365 Days of Movie Records

In the extensive record-keeping efforts on platforms like Reddit, “Pathaan” stands out as the only Indian film to claim the #1 movie tag in North America in 2023. Amidst a diverse array of cinematic offerings, Shah Rukh Khan’s “Pathaan” emerges as a remarkable and memorable entry in the calendar of daily box office achievements, reflecting the enduring appeal of Bollywood on the global cinematic stage.

By Yashika Desai

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